Little Mix star’s house used for illegal poker game

Jon Pill
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Posted on: December 4, 2020 9:55 pm EST

Andre Gray, striker for Watford FC, broke lockdown rules for the second time this year. This time with an illegal poker game. Gray is the fiancée of Leigh-Anne Pinnock, one of the stars of the British pop group Little Mix.

Pinnock was away working with her band last week, when Gray decided to have the boy’s over for a poker game. This occurred as Britain faced the highest 7-day death rate from COVID since early May.

This is the second time Gray has breached lockdown. In June he was forced into a public non-pology after he broke lockdown to celebrate his birthday.

That time around, he stressed that, “it was not a late-night party like what is being portrayed and only a gathering of friends which turned into a sort of football tournament on my birthday. I understand my responsibilities and will do what it takes to make it right, apologies again.”

This time around, the police fined Gray £200. His salary is £50,000 per week.

“Stinks of arrogance”

Adding to the infuriation of the general public is the fact that this comes just weeks after Watford had to pull several players for three matches because they tested positive for COVID. Many Watford fans feel upset by the jeopardy he has put the team in.

For example, @JackCian99 on Twitter wrote: “I’ve always defended Andre Gray to a certain extent. Now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so when he combines his love of breaching lockdown rules, with his lacklustre and uninspiring performances.”


As in most nations where lockdowns have been instigated tensions are running high. High profile lockdown breaches are natural focal points for the nation’s frustrations.

The Sun reported “a source” saying, “He was well aware that you’re not allowed friends round for a social in light of what’s going on – but he did it anyway. Leigh-Anne was away working with Little Mix. So he thought it would be a good idea to get the boys round for a gambling session. It stinks of arrogance when you think of what the rest of the country is having to go through.”

The many people who have been unable to see loved ones, have lost jobs, or are looking at spending Christmas alone to protect others are understandably upset when the privileged bypass those same trials. The case of Dominic Cummings serves as the starkest example of this.

For anyone worried about the reputation of poker, it is somewhat disheartening to see the number of poker games that seem to be the subject of these high-profile lockdown busts. It does the game little credit. If you must break the law, please stick to soccer.

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