Look out Maurice and Ari: Daniel Lowery isn’t giving up the Circuit ring chase

Tom Morash
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Posted on: August 19, 2023 3:07 pm EDT

📷: Hayley Hochstetler | 8131Media

Ari Engel and Daniel Lowery entered the Graton World Series of Poker Circuit stop tied for third place on the all-time Circuit ring leaderboard. 

Engel went on to add two rings to that total, and now Daniel Lowery has begun the comeback, scoring his 14th Ring after winning Event 13 in Graton. To do so, he had to defeat Engel at the final table.

“I would agree that Ari is the greatest that’s ever played,” Lowery said, laughing when told that Ari had, in jest, made the claim after winning Ring #15. “I’m just kind of a part-time player, playing a lot more in the last year, mainly to be in this competition.”

📷: Hayley Hochstetler | 8131Media

When asked about the “chase” for the most rings, Lowery said, “I’ve told everybody, I only need to be on top once. If I was ever to get on top, I wouldn’t worry about chasing or competing that hard.”

Lowry, Reichard now tied for second

With Maurice Hawkins and Ari Engel on top with 15 rings each, and now tied for second with Josh Reichard, Lowery was excited to talk about the friendly-nature of the competition which has been on display all week at Graton with Lowery and Engel.

“I came on the scene around the same time as Maurice, so we’ve known each other forever, and Josh Reichard is one of my best friends,” Lowery said. “Ari’s been one of my close friends for a long time, so it’s been really cool to compete with buddies.” 

With this win, Lowery checked off another one of his poker goals. “I had a goal to win 10 rings, a main event ring, and a non-hold’em ring,” Lowery explained. “It took me quite a bit so this means quite a bit to win a PLO, my favorite game.”

Full results from Lowry’s Event 13 win can be found here.