6 Best Los Angeles poker rooms: where to play in SoCal

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Posted on: June 18, 2021 3:51 am EDT

There are six Los Angeles poker rooms, including three of the largest in the world. Southern California might not get the same international recognition for being a poker hotspot as Las Vegas about four hours to the east. But the second largest city in the U.S. boasts some of the juiciest games you’ll find anywhere, at any stakes.

In no particular order, here are the best card rooms in L.A.

1. Bicycle Casino (aka “The Bike”)

The Bike,” located at 888 Bicycle Casino Drive in Bell Gardens, is one of the most famous poker rooms in the world. With 185 card tables spread out the spacious casino floor, it’s also the largest card room ever. This Los Angeles casino hosts the popular “Live at the Bike” cash game show, live-streaming Monday-Friday on a weekly basis.

Players travel far and wide to play at the legendary Bicycle Casino, and hundreds of locals visit the card room on a regular basis. You’ll find a good mix of pros, recreational players, high-stakes grinders, $1/$3 fish, and just about everything in between.

2. Hustler Casino

The late Larry Flynt, founder of the Hustler adult magazine, also opened the Hustler Casino. It’s now a Los Angeles staple located at 1000 W Redondo Beach Boulevard in Gardena. This poker room doesn’t get the high-stakes recognition of some other spots on this list. But make no mistake, it’s still a popular place to play poker, and the games are arguably softer than “The Bike” or Commerce. That friendlier status is thanks to fewer pros playing there.

With that said, there are some pros who frequent Hustler Casino knowing the games are soft. Hustler Casino boasts 50 card tables. It’s smaller than Bicycle Casino, but larger than any Las Vegas poker room. Most tournaments and cash games at Hustler are lower stakes ($100-$300 buy-ins). But you’ll also find some occasional nosebleed games spread.

3. Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino

Flynt was a legendary gambling enthusiast. As such, he opened two Los Angeles poker rooms in the past few decades. His smallest — Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino — perches at 1045 W Rosecrans Avenue in Gardena. This poker room only has 18 tables. That’s small by Southern California standards. But it’s still bigger than most poker rooms across the country, even in cities such as Las Vegas.

Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino features some regular bad beat and daily jackpots that are enticing to the low stakes poker community. You won’t find any major tournaments in this poker room, but the games are as soft as anywhere, and locals speak highly of the dealers.

4. Commerce Casino

The two most popular Los Angeles poker rooms are Bicycle Casino and Commerce Casino, at 6131 East Telegraph Road in the city of Commerce. The only downside to playing at Commerce, and really any of the Los Angeles poker rooms, is that there’s too much crime in the neighborhood. With that said, the facilities are well secured, and players shouldn’t feel scared to walk out to their cars following a winning session.

Commerce has 150 tables, the third most in Los Angeles, making it one of the largest poker rooms in the world. You’ll find numerous major poker events at Commerce, including the prestigious WPT L.A. Poker Classic, one of the crown jewels of the World Poker Tour each year. Cash games at Commerce offer a mix of low, mid, and high stakes games, and some of the top pros frequent this iconic Southern California card room.

5. Hollywood Park Casino

You’ll find the iconic Hollywood Park Casino at 3883 W Century Boulevard in Inglewood, walking distance from the Los Angeles Rams’ new stadium, SoFi Stadium. It’s also a short drive from the old home of the Los Angeles Lakers, The Forum. The casino was recently renovated and has arguably the most modern look of all six Los Angeles poker rooms. You’ll often spot a few familiar faces at Hollywood Park Casino, including long-time ESPN WSOP commentator Norman Chad, a regular stud player.

Hollywood Park has 51 poker tables, which includes a high-limit room. Most cash games and daily tournaments here are catered to the low stakes poker community. If you ever get bored of playing poker at Hollywood Park, there are also plenty of table games to help you find some action.

6. The Gardens Casino

The Gardens Casino is one of two Los Angeles poker rooms in the city of Gardena (Hustler Casino), located at 11871 Carson Street. This card room is the second largest in the world, with 184 tables, just one shy of “The Bike.” Gardens Casino is famously known as the host venue for the $10,000 buy-in WPT Gardens Championship. That event, like the L.A. Poker Classic, is one of the top annual World Poker Tour events.

But tournament poker isn’t the only reason for poker players to visit Gardens Casino. This card room has dozens of cash games running every day, at virtually any stakes imaginable. You’ll find a mix of stingy pros and high-action recreational players competing in just about any game at The Gardens.


This list of the best poker rooms in Los Angeles shows the legendary city’s jackpot status as a hub of fantastic play, for everyone from the occasional grinder to the up-and-coming pro. Dig into the bustling action at “The Bike,” or go for a more intimate experience at Lucky Lady. Either way, the City of Flowers and Sunshine offers plenty of action on the felt.

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