Lucian Silveira leads Day 2 of WPT Seminole Rock N Roll Open

Paul Oresteen
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Posted on: November 27, 2023 1:34 am EST

Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open returned 513 survivors eyeing the money bubble set at 181 players. They hit the money shortly after dinner break and when ten levels were in the books Lucian Silveira leads the remaining 83 players as the only one to bag over 2 million.

Matt Bond is on his heels with 1.9 million and Jerry Wong heads a virtual three-way tie with Eric Zheng and Rayan Chamas as the chase group.

Livingston starts a WPT profile

Alex Livingston is among the leaders with $8.1 million career earnings and 11 six-figure cashes but earned his first WPT cash today. “That doesn’t surprise me; I don’t play many WPTs,” he said smiling. “This is probably my fourth of fifth WPT main event – I fired four shells in this one.”

Alex Livingston earned his first WPT cash on Sunday. Photo c/o WPT

“It’s been great, the structure is awesome and it’s a nice venue. I like it here a lot,” Livingston added. “I’m going to try and play more of these, especially the Florida ones.”

Darryll Fish, Kyle Julius, Chance Kornuth, Alex Foxen, Andrew Moreno and Chad Eveslage each return for Monday’s Day 3 with stacks in the top half of the counts.

About 20 minutes after returning from the dinner break the field hit hand-for-hand play. It lasted a single round when Josias Santos shoved with Ad Qs and Kyle Julius called with pocket tens. Julius boated up on the river and everyone else in the field earned $5,700.

Is it a chase if you don’t know you’re in it?

Anthony Zinno is second only to Darren Elias for all-time WPT titles and cashes, but Zinno didn’t even know it. He chatted about how he’s keeping up with players 15 years younger than him.

Andrew Moreno’s career continues to evolve. Photo c/o WPT

Moreno started from kitchen table games in Fort Wayne, IN and now he’s aiming to be presence in WPT events. He’s launching a new poker bootcamp, has a second child on the way but makes it all work as he bagged up for Day 3.

Jesse Lonis (167th), TK Miles (165th), Scott Ball (150th), Christian Harder (141st), Craig Varnell (135th), Olga Iermolcheva (134th) and the latest WPT Champions Club member Frederic Normand (103rd) each cashed in the event but did not advance to Day 3.

Through the macro lens

Poker tournaments can be dissected any which way by numbers to determine success. But we took an inside look at outside the box numbers for Day 1B.

Play resumes on Monday for Day 3 promptly at noon with ten levels of play on the schedule. Each returning player has $8,600 locked up and five-figure payouts begin at 72nd place.

Top Five Chip Counts

  1. Lucian Silveira – 2,070,000
  2. Matt Bond – 1,935,000
  3. Jerry Wong – 1,785,000
  4. Eric Zheng – 1,770,000
  5. Rayan Chamas – 1,760,000