2023 WSOP Main Event Day 7 seat draw analysis

Jeff McMillan
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Posted on: July 13, 2023 6:17 am EDT

Day 7 of the Main Event! Traditionally it has been the day to go from 27 down to the final table but with swelling field sizes it has been getting harder and harder to get down to 9 in just 7 days, so this year there will be a Day 8, making this year’s Day 7 a bit of an unknown.

How far down will the field get? Will the dynamics change at all with that extra day built in? Time will tell but what we do know is the seat draw, which is always very important as we consider what will unfold.

I took a look at the seat draw and broke it down by chips and what to look for at each table.

Horseshoe Table 622

SeatPlayerChip CountBig Blinds
1Alec Torelli21,075,00084
2Carlos Henrique Da Silva10,975,00044
3Daniel Scroggins20,800,00083
4Yaroslav Ochulchanskiy3,250,00013
5Jose Aguilera14,950,00060
6Eric Schneider6,025,00024
7Anirban Das13,375,00053
8Jack O’Neill11,825,00047
9Ryan Tamanini17,325,00069
  • Total chips at table: 119,600,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 479
  • Average big blinds: 53

The table with the most chips and deepest by average stack. Torelli and Scroggins are neck and neck for the lead, with Scroggins having position. Tamanini lurks in seat 9 as he will like his chances of moving up at this table.

Horseshoe Table 623

1Steven Jones6,250,00025
3Bryan Obregon10,425,00041
4Michael Berk5,875,00023
5Daniel Vampan17,000,00068
6Masato Yokosawa3,175,00013
7Joshua Payne47,950,000192
8Alexander Villa11,725,00047
9Harsheel Kothari1,600,0006
  • Total chips at table: 104,000,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 416
  • Average big blinds: 52

Payne holds 46% of the chips at this table as skews the total chips. The other will want to carve chips from Payne’s mountain, especially Vampan and Villa.

Horseshoe Table 625

1Ryan Tosoc9,450,00038
2Mitchell Halverson1,150,0005
3Christopher Kimmel15,900,00063
4Raj Vohra4,300,00017
5Andrew Hulme11,725,00047
6Daniel Holzner2,050,0008
7Logan Hoover4,950,00020
8Juan Maceiras Lapido40,500,000162
  • Total chips at table: 90,025,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 360
  • Average big blinds: 45

The table with the most micro stacks, who will be looking for quick doubles. Maceiras Lapido has almost 100 big blinds more than the next closest competitor as he will certainly use his stack to try and lean all the chips his way. If the short stacks bust quick, which players get broken to this table will be key for Maceiras.

Horseshoe Table 628

1Dean Hutchison10,800,00043
2Cong Pham13,200,00053
3Richard Ryder22,650,00091
4Mark Teltscher9,300,00037
5Toby Lewis15,250,00061
7Andrey Pateychuk8,050,00032
8Pierpaola Lamanna18,875,00075
9Scott Berko3,900,00016
  • Total chips at table: 102,025,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 408
  • Average big blinds: 51

Lewis will look to use his experience against this table as he finds himself as the third largest stack to start at this table.

Horseshoe Table 629

1Tim Van Loo21,700,00087
2Frank Bonacci6,450,00026
3Sam Stein7,875,00031
4Adam Walton12,225,00049
5Jan-Peter Jacthmann14,975,00060
6Nicholas Gerrity18,075,00072
7Henry Chan16,675,00067
8Pavel Dyachenko2,575,00010
  • Total chips at table: 100,550,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 402
  • Average big blinds: 50

A balanced table with only one micro stack and the rest being meaty enough to do damage to one another.

Horseshoe Table 631

1Matthew Wantman4,425,00018
3Diego D’Aquilio7,800,00031
4Daniel Weinman24,375,00098
5Sachin Joshi13,350,00053
6Ruslan Prydryk 14,150,00057
7Gabi Livshitz10,300,00041
8Maurice Hawkins4,475,00018
9Joe Ghio8,725,00035
  • Total chips at table: 87,600,000
  • Total big blinds at table: 350
  • Average big blinds: 43

The shallowest table of the six as Weinman will look to lean on it with his third largest stack in the room. Livshitz, Hawkins and Wantman being in close proximity could lead to some interesting clashes between the three assertive personalities.

Closing thoughts

Overall all of the tables are pretty evenly balanced, with not one being loaded with two huge stacks or a disproportionate amount of chips. The resumes of the players seem to be spread pretty evenly as well.

It looks like we are poised for a great Day 7 with these seat draws!