Maxx Coleman wins Poker Masters $10,000 8-Game mix for $120,000

Jon Pill
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Posted on: September 14, 2021 9:17 pm EDT

Yesterday’s final table at the Poker Masters series was Event #6: $10,000 8-Game Mix. Maxx Coleman ultimately came out on top, beating a field of 30 entries.

Coleman is a PLO specialist but enjoys mixed games.

“I find [the 8-game mix] a lot more fun,” Coleman said in his post-victory interview. “I used to play mostly just pot-limit Omaha. But it can get boring playing the same game over and over and over again. So being able to switch games is a lot more fun. There are more opportunities.”

In an 8-game mix tournament, the game rotates every blind level between pot-limit Omaha, no-limit hold ’em, and limit versions of 2-7 triple draw, hold’em, Omaha hi/lo, razz, seven card stud, and 7-stud hi/lo.

Coleman was thrilled by his victory, saying: “It feels good. This is, I think, my fourth final table in five events [at the Aria’s PokerGO studio], so to finally get the win feels pretty good.”

Day 1 saw the 30-entry field whittled down to just five players in the money. All five were guaranteed at least $21,000.

Hal Rotholz was the unlucky fella who needed a saver but got the bubble instead. His pocket sevens failed to outdraw Coleman’s pocket kings, and he went to the rail with nothing.

Ultimately, the min-cash went to Jeremy Ausmus. He was followed quickly by Erik Sagstrom and mixed-game pro Stephen Chidwick.

Razzing for rolls

The final hand came during a round of razz, unsurprisingly. The betting levels were at 80k/160k with a 20k ante. Eveslage brought in with the 9♣ face up and Coleman completed with the 2. Eveslage called and fourth street was dealt.

At this point, Eveslage only had about 630k in front of him — just four big bets. Coleman had him covered with 3.87 million in chips.

The chips went in on the fifth street. With the hole-cards face-up, the hands were as follows: Eveslage’s 43♠/9♣8J♠ versus Coleman’s 83/2♣A♣Q.

Eveslage’s jack-low beat Coleman’s queen-low. However, Coleman’s nut-raw to the 8 actually put him well ahead in terms of equity. On fifth street, Coleman wins a very nice 69% of the time.

The 5 improved Eveslage’s hand on sixth street, but a queen on the river left him with a 9-8-5-4-3 low. Meanwhile, Coleman picked up a nine to pip him to the pot with a 9-8-3-2-A low.

Eveslage won $78,000 for his second-place finish.

2021 Poker Masters Event #6: $10,000 8-Game Mix complete results

PositionPlayer NamePayout
1stMaxx Coleman$120,000
2ndChad Eveslage$78,000
3rdStephen Chidwick$48,000
4thErik Sagstrom$33,000
5thJeremy Ausmus$21,000

Featured image source: PokerGO