Mike Postle dropped his lawsuit but is still on the hook

Jon Pill
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Posted on: April 6, 2021 1:35 am EDT

Just as Postlegate was building to a climax, a new plot twist has completely reversed the stakes. Again.

The jury may never be brought in to decide once and for all if Mike Postle was a talented cheat or a remarkable poker player. However, we can make some clear assessments about his legal skills. They are non-existent. His $330 million dollar lawsuit against Veronica Brill, et al, is done.

In a document dated April 1, 2021, Postle submitted a request to the courts to dismiss his own case without prejudice. Taking pity on fools on their special day, the judge dumped the case.

What Postle may not have realized is that his tribulations are not over. There are still two outstanding trials: the pair of anti-SLAPP cases against him that are still pending. Those don’t just go away because he’s dropping the suit that triggered them.

“I do not think that Mike Postle understands how the Anti-SLAPP law works,” tweeted Mike Randazza, Veronica Brill’s counsel in this case. “You can’t just cut and run. You automatically lose the Anti-SLAPP motion if you do that.”

Todd Witteles also has an anti-SLAPP motion against Postle in the works. If the court rules in favor of Brill and Witteles, then Postle will be on the hook for both sets of legal fees. Randazza represented Alex Jones. Witteles’ lawyer has a Beverly Hills office. These guys don’t seem the kind to skimp on their billings. Postle could end up paying a big chunk of the funds he won at Stones Gambling Hall where all this began.

Closing Postlegate

“Mike Postle dismissed the defamation case against me. What’s my next move?” tweeted Todd Witteles. “I will do a PokerFraud Alert Radio special with my attorney Eric Bensamochan tonight at 8 pm PDT to explain it all.”

What’s next for the rest of us? Well. Fans of the Mike Postle show will soon have new hearings to tune in to.

The next hearings on the case were due on April 20, 2021. Given the state of the case, and Postle’s continuing struggle to find legal counsel willing to defend him, new dates are likely to be set for any follow-up suits from Brill and Witteles.

Unless the HONR network really comes through for Postle, there’s not much hope of him winning right now. That means his attempt to get $330 million out of the poker media is likely to end up costing him big time.

For those who didn’t get their anti-SLAPP in fast enough, Postle-gate is probably closed.

“The case Mike Postle filed against me and a bunch of other people in poker for essentially calling him a cheater has been dismissed,” wrote Jonathan Little, one of the dozen or so named defendants in Postle’s suit. “Rest assured, I will keep outing scammers in our community. There is no room for them in poker.”

Other defendants like Daniel Negreanu, ESPN, and Doug Polk have yet to pass comment on the development.

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