Mike Postle finally served court papers in case by Marle Cordeiro

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Posted on: May 21, 2020 6:22 pm EDT

The alleged poker cheat couldn’t hide from the law forever

In what seems to be a negation of his current reality, professional poker player Mike Postle has been following the same pattern of hiding from attempts to notify him of the lawsuits against him. Perhaps he did it with the hope that these lawsuits would magically disappear after ignoring them for a while, but the fact is that he can’t hide forever. Postle was finally served in the case brought by Marle Cordeiro last month, as the attorney filed a motion for alternative service, which the judge granted. Those papers should be in Postle’s hands at some point this week.

The case against Postle has grown so big that it is hard to keep with the updates. The first lawsuit ever filed included 90 plaintiffs, and was filed at the US District Court in the Eastern District of California back in October last year. Regarding this lawsuit, the judged assigned to this case heard oral arguments this past Monday from the defendants filing motions to dismiss. Cordeiro’s lawsuit was filed on April 4, but in the US District Court in the District of Nevada, with the same attorney, Mac VerStandig.

According to Cordeiro’s complaint, Postle engaged in a “pattern and practice of using one or more wire communications mechanisms to defraud his opponents by gaining knowledge of their hole cards during the play of poker hands.” In simple words, he cheated while playing cash poker games. According to Cordeiro, Postle constantly lured her into poker games and his cheating eventually caused her to lose thousands of dollars.