Phil Galfond in a double-header as he starts his third Galfond Challenge

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Posted on: April 29, 2020 6:15 pm EDT

Still up against Bill Perkins, Galfond takes on another opponent to increase the action

During these coronavirus pandemic times, there is a lot of online poker actions for fans to watch. Considered one of the best online poker players there is, Phil Galfond has been running an Omaha poker challenge, which has drawn attention from a few recognized names. After a complicated victory against Venividi1993, Galfond started the second challenge against Bill Perkins; however, it is going rather slow as Perkins has more difficulties in finding the time to play the sessions regularly. For that reason, Galfond has decided to go move forward with the third challenge against the PLO star “ActionFreak,” they had the first session on Monday.

This means that Galfond will be playing sessions against ActionFreak and Perkins as they come. The first one against ActionFreak took place on Monday, and for this challenge, both players agreed to play 15,000 hands with a side bet of equal odds for €150,000 ($162,686) at stakes of €150/€300 PLO ($162/$325).

The first day of the session was shorter than usual; they experienced some connection problems and played only 145 hands. Despite the glitches, Galfond started winning during most of the first session and reach nearly €200,000 ($216,915) in winnings. However, ActionFreak got better at his game and took that difference down; he now has the lead of €7,500 ($8,134).

The second session went smoothly, and Galfond amassed an early lead of €76,000 ($84,247) that he got from one single pot. ActionFreak recovered a little, but Galfond got lucky again, winning pot after pot, and taking a €202,000 ($216,915) lead. Once more, ActionFreak worked smart to cut that amount short and, after 700 hands, he was down just €170,000 ($184,377). By the end of the second-day session, ActionFreak was already up by €7,529.49, with 1,000 hands completed.