Phil Galfond takes the lead against VeniVidi

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Posted on: April 7, 2020 9:49 pm EDT

An initial big-time loss is reversed as the poker pros continue the Galfond Challenge

Professional poker player Phil Galfond has made an impressive comeback in his poker challenge against a very worthy opponent, “Venividi1993.” He began his own challenge of playing 25,000 hands of Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) cash games on the wrong foot.
His losing streak at the beginning of the challenge was so bad that he had already given up close to $1 million in just a bit over 5,000 hands. When he was at this worst, he asked for a few weeks’ break to get his head in the right place, with the possibility of him deciding not to continue with the challenge. Luckily, he came back and, since then, slowly but steadily, has recovered completely and the last session saw him take the lead.

Last Monday’s session swung around, and Galfond was able to surge as much as $163,607 ahead during the session, only to see Venividi take those six figures back. By the end of the session, though, Galfond won $110,000 in the last push, winning six out of the past 11 sessions. The stakes were set at $110/$218 and the challenge is on its final course with less than 3,000 hands left to play, which might extend the sessions for approximately one more week. Galfond now has the lead, although it is only of about four buy-ins, so he can’t be too comfortable with his current position. Considering that the last sessions have ended with six-figure wins, it is up for debate who will be the final winner.

“It’s exciting to be up for the first time,” said Galfond. “But, no celebrating.” The aftermath showed a Galfond surprised to be leading the challenge. He said that it is far too early to proclaim a winner.