Phil Ivey talks about his life during the COVID-19 lockdown

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Posted on: July 6, 2020 6:07 pm EDT

The poker pro has been going a little stir-crazy

For the past couple of years, little information has been found online regarding the life of poker pro player Phil Ivey. Apparently, he has not been going on through the best moments of his life during the past couple of years, but fans are still interested in hearing what is going on with his life. Ivey recently answered a bunch of quickfire questions laid out by fans regarding the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that sort of hinted how one of the all-time great poker players in the world sees life.

The questions he answered, fired by Lee Davy, covered many aspects of his life. Regarding poker, when he was asked about what he would have done if poker wasn’t an option, he said that he thinks he might have been successful in the stock market; this comes as no surprise since other poker players have become interested in this field and find success in it. When Ivey was asked about his life and when it was most out of control, he was quick in replying that it was for sure during his late thirties. Of course, this coincides with the huge edge-sorting scandal he was involved in, which followed up with an expensive divorce.

He seems to be in a new phase where he is focused on improving his life as he said he is working on staying present and making more conscious decisions and just try to be happy with what he has. He added that he would like to be remembered for his philanthropy; however, it is uncertain how much stake he still holds after the scandal and the divorce. Hopefully, the future presents the ideal life partner for him, as Ivey said that he hasn’t been able to accomplish a successful marriage, yet.