Poker House Dallas closes, plans for new location

Haley Hintze
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Posted on: June 1, 2023 1:21 pm EDT

The Poker House Dallas social-poker club in Dallas, Texas has ceased operations in the face of recent adverse legal decisions and a closure directive from Dallas city officials. The club had been at the top of a list of social-poker venues targeted by the city, who successfully argued in court that the certificate of occupancy under which the club operated was not valid for poker-club operations.

Poker House Dallas announced its May 31 closure last week after a last-ditch appeal was denied. “We recently were in court,” the club posted on its Facebook page, “and they ruled we must shut down on a technicality over the Certificate of Occupancy, we now have 14 days to file an appeal. If we lose the appeal, our Dallas doors will be closed midnight on May 31.

That led to an abbreviated night of action at the club on Thursday, including one last hand of Omaha at $100 per player.

(Image source: Facebook / Poker House Dallas / Eric Anderson)

In closing its doors at the northwest Dallas location, Poker House Dallas’s management published cashout directives and other information for players still owed compensation in some form by the club. PHD also declared in general terms that the club would reopen in the near future, though at a location necessarily not within the Dallas city limits:

“We’ve confirmed that tonight will in fact be our last night of operation at this location,” the club posted.

“Poker House Dallas has created many wonderful memories & relationships that our team will continue to cherish; we thank you all for joining us on our journey to establish the Cheers of poker rooms.

“We do look forward to sharing our soon-to-be-announced new DFW location, further reestablishing everyone’s favorite home away from home!

“All outstanding cash chips must be returned before Friday, June 9th, as they’ll be discontinued and no longer redeemable after that date. Players who pre-paid player hours will be refunded at $8 per hour. The club will be open for cash-outs and returns using the following schedule:

“June 1st & 2nd, and June 5th-9th, from 12pm-8pm.”

Featured image source: Poker House Dallas