Poker player claims targeted him over pro-Trump screen name

Jon Sofen
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Posted on: September 18, 2020 4:00 am EDT

Did single out a player for using a pro-Trump screen name? Tim Burt, who played under the moniker “Trump2024,” claims the poker site is forcing him to change his screen name due to his love of the current U.S. president. But the social media account for responded to his Twitter post with an explanation.

Burt, who has over $1.2 million in lifetime live tournament earnings, has played under that same screen name for four years. Never before has it been an issue, although his Twitter page (@TimBurtPoker) indicates he’s had some run-ins with the poker site in the past. Twice in July, he ran into technical issues on the site that made it difficult for him to log in.

But his new issue is different and has nothing to do with a technical glitch. The poker pro is being forced to change his screen name to something non-political. And he claims he won’t do that.

Burt then informed his followers that he received a call from The customer service rep, he claims, admitted the wording in the email was poor. But did explain to him that political screen names are no longer being permitted on the site.’s social media account also responded to his post.

“ is dedicated to protecting the integrity of the game and providing a fun, safe environment to play online poker. In order to cultivate that type of environment, we have taken steps to avoid political agendas being displayed to players through usernames,” the response read. “Specifically, we recently updated our username permissions to look for names that are political in nature (regardless of the party) in addition to names that are derogatory, offensive or misrepresenting.”

Daniel Demissie (@DanielHDemissie) asked: “Why is having a user name ‘Trump 2024’ is different from walking around the casinos wearing a MAGA hat?” He argues that since playing poker is just a hobby for most, players should “be entitled to express their political opinion at their leisure time at the venue they chose to entertain themselves.”

Many of Burt’s followers support President Trump. So, most of the responses were in line with an anti-liberal message. But there were a few who accused Burt of being a “drama queen” or a “snowflake.” Such is the current state of American political discourse.

“Really you’re not on board with capitalism and private enterprise that allows a private company to do whatever the f**k they want? How consistent of you!” @Happyredpanda sarcastically commented.

“This is pathetic, do better WSOP and like I always tell the wife… vote republican,” @CoheedandCosta suggests.

“The poker table isn’t a political billboard. Enjoy your closed account, I guess. Fully support that policy,” Josh Emerton (@emerton_josh) argues.

“Hahahaha what a pathetic world we live in. That sucks dude. God he needs to win,” @jmkmrk81 makes it clear who he is voting for in November.

“You have every right to show that you support the most ignorant, corrupt, incompetent, racist, habitual liar and fraud ever,” @NowitzkiLuka stands up for Burt, kind of.

“I’m absolutely against everything Trump stands for and hope he loses this election. However this is bulls–t. How is this offensive? So you’re a Trumper who cares. There’s an election that’s how this gets settled. Completely disagree with this. Bad move WSOP,” Scott Johnson (@scojoazsports) posted.

How soft is the  @WSOP .. f—–g snowflakes. What is offensive about the United State’s Presidents last name?” @Manthefuggup21 asks.

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