Bill Perkins can’t hold up against Alexandra Botez in CHOKER Cup tournament

Posted on: June 12, 2020 09:20 PDT

The unique chess/poker competition finds Perkins running “scared” against his opponent

Playing CHOKER requires a set of mixed skills between both poker and chess strategies. Poker pro player Bill Perkins was playing a CHOKER Cup tournament in which he lost against the 24-year old chess streamer, Alexandra Botez. Perkins’ CHOKER Cup glory was crushed last night when he lost 3-0 to the Canadian streamer in the semi-final match. Perkins loss followed an impressive and dramatic defeat of Matty Staples in the previous round.

By the time Botez and Perkins faced each other, Botez just came from whitewashed Choker Cup wildcard Alessio Gallucci in her first-round battle. He knew he was facing a tough match, so he seemed nervous since the beginning, "Normally I'd talk smack back, but I'm scared," wrote Perkins in a tweet. "Playing a @ChokerGame match against @bp22 today at 4 pm Eastern! He might be a poker pro, but I’m ready to bluff every hand and still beat him on the board," wrote the chess streamer.

Choker has different rules starting with five cards for each player from a 44-card pack, which contains a chess piece on each card. When cards two, four and five are dealt, then there will be betting rounds. After the betting rounds and if none of the players folded, the chess pieces are placed in specially-marked zones. After this is just a traditional game of chess, with the winner taking down the pot, checkmate. Even though Perkins had great chances regarding material, positional and time advantage he was unable to find the winning combination.