Dan Bilzerian calls Dan Cates a poker cheat

Posted on: May 26, 2020 11:14 PDT

The controversial poker player calls out the poker pro for cheating, despite a lack of evidence

Following up on the public accusations reported by one of the wealthiest poker players, Bill Perkins, regarding an alleged poker cheating case, poker player, and controversial social media hound, Dan Bilzerian gave more details and another name to add to the drama. Bilzerian thinks he knows what Perkins has been talking about and fired his accusations towards one of the best poker players in the world: Dan Cates. According to reports by both Perkins and Bilzerian, there was a cheating scheme run at a high-stakes private poker game played in a mobile app, which included a few wealthy businessmen, and Bilzerian believes Cates was there, as well.

The initial post made by Perkins raised all kinds of opinions from the poker community, but most people were asking for more details on what happened. On Monday afternoon, Bilzerian added a couple of names to the whole scenario when he tweeted some details about what happened. Apparently, according to him, Sina Taleb allowed Cates to play on Taleb’s account against Bilzerian, Perkins and other players. In his tweet, Bilzerian included a picture of Taleb and his blurred-out contact information. The curious thing is that Taleb is not a known player among the community; in fact, he does not have any documented cash outs from any tournament.

A response from Cates came shortly after. Cates features as one of the most successful poker players in the world; he can be easily spotted playing in the biggest cash games in the world. Cates, who has won close to $7.4 million in tournament earnings, responded to the accusations, asserting, "I can't discuss this right now for legal reasons, but this is misleading, I haven't played a hand of poker with @DanBilzerian ever lol. More to come when appropriate but there was rampant ghosted on the site that people have admitted to.” Bilzerian’s tweet has since been deleted, but Cate's response can still be found on his Twitter feed.