Deeb Slowrolled by Powerball, Can't Find a Winner

Shaun Deeb poker covid
Terrance Reid
Posted on: November 09, 2022 21:10 PST

Shaun Deeb orchestrated one of the largest Powerball pools by unifying much of the poker community to buy tickets for Monday's record-breaking drawing. With an estimated $1.9 billion jackpot up for grabs, Deeb, assisted by his wife, Ashley Deeb, orchestrated the purchase of $100,000 worth of tickets.

Deeb and crew, along with millions of others, anxiously awaited to see if the nearly $2 billion jackpot would be theirs as the Monday night drawing drew close. Deeb, a master slow roller on the poker felt, was given a taste of his own medicine when the scheduled time for the Powerball draw came and went.

"The record Powerball drawing scheduled for Monday night was delayed due to technical issues, as one participating state required extra time to process its ticket sales."

So, there would be no drawing Monday night, as ticket buyers wondered what caused the delay. Citing stringent security protocols, Powerball assured customers that the drawing would take place once those protocols were met. Nonetheless, Deeb saw this as a good sign.

The Deebs and their group waited all night to see the results. Finally, Powerball officials shared the winning numbers on Tuesday morning. However, they also announced to the group's dismay that no one had purchased a winning ticket. Of course, that would make Wednesday's upcoming drawing even more lucrative. Deeb might have another shot at the win.

As if the wait wasn't enough, though, the game threw one final twist at Deeb. It seemed like an intentional needle when officials announced somebody did in fact win the jackpot. The largest Powerball jackpot went to someone in Los Angeles County, California, with a lone ticket sold to a lucky player. The record-breaking lottery pulled off one of the biggest slow rolls Deeb has ever seen. He and his group could only muck their hand of $100,000 worth of tickets in disgust. Still, if we know Deeb, he will find a way to pass the slow roll karma onto someone else. Be careful if you are on the felt with him in the near future.