Caitlin Comeskey drops love letter: "No one is safe"

Caitlin Comeskey Cover
Terrance Reid
Posted on: February 13, 2023 06:31 PST

There are certain things these days that we have a hard time waiting for. A new episode of "The Last of Us," the next angry Steve O'Dwyer tweet to Lufthansa airlines, our opponent to act when we're all in and bluffing with our tournament life on the line. Caitlin Comeskey's brilliant comedy videos have made that list.

She just dropped a new one on Superbowl Sunday, teasing it the day before.

The native-Texan content creator and poker player has already excited the poker community with her comedic outfits and spot-on impersonations of famed poker personalities in videos past. So, Superbowl Sunday promised to get even better with her latest edition of the recurring (and hopefully ongoing) series.

The hype did not disappoint. Watch below, or follow this link to do so.

Entitled "A love letter to online discourse," Comeskey parodies those at the center of recent poker Twitter controversies and divisive discourses. Among those impersonated are Josh Arieh, Henry Kilbane, Dan Colpoys, Jared Jaffee, Phil and Farah Galfond, and a Matt Berkey complete with spot-on vocabulary and a backward hat.

Caitlin's Matt Berkey Impersonation Caitlin's Matt Berkey Impersonation

At a time when every day seems to bring a new controversy, some new thing which divides us and breeds passionate arguments, Comeskey's ability to make us laugh provides a much-needed ease of tension. She lets us take a step back, laugh at ourselves, and hit the reset button.

Her talented takes also have her in the running for the Global Poker Awards in the "Rising Star in Content Creation" category, alongside Jesse Fullen, Natalie Bode, and Lexy Gavin-Mather. Content like this makes it clear why.

The only question I have left is: when does the next video drop Caitlin?