Galfond takes down ActionFreak as the latest Galfond Challenge comes to an end

Posted on: May 27, 2020 12:32 PDT

Phil Galfond continues to show why he’s the master at Pot-Limit Omaha poker

Phil Galfond has scored his second victory of his Galfond Challenge, this time against the worthy opponent "ActionFreak." After sweating during the entire match against his first opponent "Venividi1993," which ended up with a dramatic win for Galfond, this second challenge went on in a smoother way for him. With less than 1,000 hands remaining and a lead of over $260,000 into the final session (Day 20), Galfond saw that difference cut short by nearly $134,000 and the final match ended up with a $125,000 profit for him.

In addition to the profit made after the final hand was played, Galfond was also entitled to a $164,000 payment from ActionFreak coming from a side bet that both players agreed to when negotiating the terms of the match. Galfond felt confident of his victory facing the last day of the challenge; for him, he had enough cushion that gave him the option to start limping in case he dropped a few buy-ins, which did happen towards the end. So, he felt there was no "real chance" of losing the challenge.

"I had dreams of a much bigger win a few days ago, but all in all, if you told me at the beginning of the challenge that this would be the result, I'd be happy with it," he said. Showing gentlemanlike skills, Galfond refused to make a comparison between the two opponents ha has faced so far; he only referred to them both as "excellent players." Since Galfond is planning to go back to the US for the time being, perhaps to against play Chance Kornuth on, future matches in his challenge are not on the agenda until further notice. "There's a lot up in the air," Galfond said.