Galfond takes out Jungleman in heads-up Omaha action

Posted on: May 07, 2020 13:25 PDT

Dan Cates can’t hold up as Galfond wipes him out in Pot-Limit Omaha

This week, one of the most renowned professional poker players, Phil Galfond, took a break from his ongoing Galfond Challenges against the second and third participants to play a quick match against another famous player. Yesterday, veteran poker player Daniel "Jungleman" Cates was defeated by Galfond in a match of 754 hands, costing $93,000 in losses.

Galfond may have been the winner, but he had to fight for it. He didn't have a great start when he lost all his stack within two hands after Cates won a four-bet call and took all of Galfond's money. He got his chip stack reloaded and things starting to turn in his favor, and he won $56,000 from just one hand. It was an exciting match, but Galfond had most of the lead and Jungleman, at one point, had up to almost $130,000 in losses. Cates ended up cutting that difference down to $93,000.

This is not the only match that these two high-stake players will engage in; this mini challenge was somehow just an appetizer of what's coming. They have a scheduled a challenge for $119/$217 stakes of pot-limit Omaha that will run for 7,500 hands; however, the side bet has not been defined yet - Galfond did confirm that he will be extending any odds to Jungleman.

Yesterday's challenge also came with an extra challenge. The loser agreed to post a video "explaining why the winner is a better poker player and a better man." The video is already online for viewers to watch.