Ike Haxton wants live poker back, expresses concern over possible health impact

Posted on: June 16, 2020 08:56 PDT

As desperate as poker players are for live action, they’re not ready to take on the coronavirus in battle

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has brought change to the world in many areas, leaving many with a general fear of running things like they were before. At least for live poker action, the future looks quite different from what was in the past, and it also presents new challenges for live poker operators. Pro player Ike Haxton has been talking about this situation in a series of blog posts in which he shows both concerns about the poker players’ health and how much he misses live poker action.

"I don’t know about you folks, but I’m really starting to miss playing live poker. Sitting around a table, shuffling chips, talking s**t. Drinking too much coffee. The steady, mellow pace that can make 12 hours pass before you’ve noticed. I love it, I miss it…" Haxton added that he understands how bringing back poker will create an immediate struggle when the games start; it is the perfect scenario for the virus the spread freely. There is constant touching of surfaces, including cards and chips, which are also passed from one opponent to another and contributing to spreading the virus. In addition to that, there is constantly breathing in each other's direction in small spaces, which increases the chances of getting something.

Another observation he made was about the poor lifestyle that poker players usually have, which can easily compromise the immune system. "We’ve traveled from all over the world, on planes, through airports, and in taxis, coming into contact with countless people along the way. We’re stressed out, jet-lagged, not eating well, and not sleeping enough, all of which surely compromise our immune systems," said Haxton. For now, at venues that have welcomed poker players back to the tables, Haxton won’t be found.