Kid Poker’s connection to the WSOP Online Series goes out, and he loses it

Posted on: July 13, 2020 09:32 PDT

Daniel Negreanu and a few other players had to deal with a glitch during a tournament last Friday

There is a guilty pleasure linked to watching others having a meltdown, and Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu had one recently that kept the poker community entertained for a while. During the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Bracelet Series that is currently ongoing, Event #10 had Kid Poker losing control over a lost Internet connection right in the middle of a hand. While playing the $600 Monster Stack that took place last Friday, Negreanu's started shouting, cursing and threatening the poker software over a disconnection problem, and it was so hilarious to watch that it went viral.

During the streaming of his participation in the tournament, he was spotted on the video having a meltdown, "It’s on me? What the f*** man, motherf****** s***….Come on. F***. It says it’s on me over here but I’ve got no f****** cards…I’ve got a f****** big stupid thing…come on dude, what is up with this software?" shouted Negreanu. Just in case, he went to Twitter to confirm if it was just him having the problem or if there was someone else, too. The next day, after hopefully a good night's rest, Negreanu was able to take things lightly and even laughing at himself due to his crazy, Kung fu-fighting reaction. "Watched this back this morning and found myself laughing out loud... at myself, hahahahaha," he wrote on Twitter. At least if there was a doubt about whether Kid Poker had ever been on tilt while playing, there is hardcore evidence now.

Having a meltdown while playing poker is something that has happened to the best ones out there, it is a game to love and feel passionate about. Those similar reactions can also be seen on bad beats and coolers, and even those few times when variance just doesn't want to be on our side, but is always fun to watch others going through it.