Life Hacks: 5 everyday edges from Katie Lindsay

Poker pro Katie Lindsay smiles in heart-shaped sunglasses at the poker table
Author Adam Hampton
Adam Hampton
Posted on: March 22, 2024 04:24 PDT

Poker pros are used to sizing up the situation and making the smart play, which is why we’ve asked some of the best players around for some key words of advice to make our lives better.

In the poker world, Katie Lindsay earned her stripes as a players' agent before turning pro, her first live tournament cash coming at the World Series of Poker in 2013. She's since notched up plenty of wins and deep runs, with over $2m in online winnings including an impressive 11 cashes at the online 2020 WSOP. Together with her husband Chris Moorman, she represents ACR Poker.

"Last year I noticed a lack of motivation in myself and wanted to make some changes," Lindsay told us, "I made a list of things I thought I could do to better myself and decided to make the commitment to do them every day.

"The goals I decided to set for myself were as follows..."

#1: Start every morning with a hot cup of lemon water

"The health benefits for your body with this are great, as it helps to detox your system as well as reducing inflammation. I also use this as an excuse to get right out of bed, rather than laying around and looking at my phone for a while in the morning."

#2: Study regularly

"I study Spanish for 10 minutes daily. I had already been using Duolingo for two years prior, but only for one short lesson a day. I want to make sure I'm actually spending more quality time learning rather than doing something quickly, just to get it over with."

#3: Exercise

"Another thing to do daily is 20 minutes of cardio. While this may sound dreadful, it doesn’t have to be intense treadmill running. I just want to make sure I’m moving my body for 20 minutes outside of my normal day-to-day motions, and I always mix it up.

"Some days I go for a neighborhood walk, and others I walk on the treadmill on an incline. I also do stairmaster, Peloton or a cardio gym class. There are so many options that can range from low to high impact, but it's most important to just make sure I move every day."

#4: Stretch

"Since I work out four days a week and do cardio every day, something major I needed to add that I wasn’t doing was stretching. So many people forget this aspect and it’s so important, especially as we are all getting older.

Stretching helps to decrease your risk of injuries as well as increases blood flow. I also noticed once I started doing this I was sleeping much better."

#5: Meditate

"I meditate every day; some days only for five minutes and some days much longer, but I commit to myself to sit and do it every day. I have found guided meditation very helpful and often enjoy doing it just before I go to sleep."

"These goals have helped me a lot over the last year," Lindsay says, "and while everyone’s intentions won’t look the same, I think there is something very valuable to setting goals for ourselves and reaching them every day. I’ve seen and felt a drastic difference physically and mentally."

You can follow Katie Lindsay on X and Instagram, and learn more about her at ACR Poker.