Mike Matusow avoids discipline after verbally attacking WSOP competitor

Posted on: July 07, 2020 09:24 PDT

The Mouth goes off on a player who sent him to the rails

Veteran poker player Mike Matusow played the Event #5 for $1,000 NLHE Freezeout in the ongoing 2020 WSOP Online on Sunday night and his participation in the event did not go as he expected.

He unexpectedly busted in the event, losing his cool in the process. The Mouth took his anger out verbally on the online player responsible for his leaving the game for several minutes, and his reaction could have cost him a big time.

The four-time bracelet winner couldn't contain his frustration after being eliminated following only two hands.

When he realized that the tournament was a freezeout and he was not going to be able to come back, his rage grew even worse. This occurrence follows up the decision of the WSOP of removing the chat feature from the tables, which was frowned upon by many people in the poker community. However, what happened on Sunday might be an indication of why the chat feature was removed. Most of what The Mouth said can’t be repeated here.

"We take prevention of abusive behavior at WSOP tournaments or on the WSOP.COM platform extremely seriously. We have a number of preventive measures online including recently disabling our chat entirely," said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the WSOP. "But the regulation of content on our customer’s personal streams and social media accounts is a slippery slope, particularly as each of these third-party platforms have their own escalation procedures. We reserve the right to suspend the account of any individual going forward, but in this case, it appears the player had the perfect response to resolve the situation herself."

Matusow actually complained at one point that he wasn't able to tell this online player what she - the player who busted him was a woman - deserved because the chat feature was not enabled.

Even though the WSOP said that it will close any accounts that show ill behavior during an event, the fact that he apologized, and the situation did not escalate further is what allowed him to avoid any disciplinary actions.