Mike Postle asks a Nevada judge to throw out cheating lawsuit

Posted on: June 24, 2020 12:57 PDT

The controversial poker player already won one suit in California and is ready to win another

Approximately 90 plaintiffs were part of one collective lawsuit filed against poker player Mike Postle involving allegations of cheating during cash games. Postle played low-stakes games that were being livestreamed on the Internet from Stones Gambling Hall in Northern California, where he is said to have been cheating. Besides the lawsuit presented in California, another poker player, Marle Cordeiro, took the matter to Nevada court because she is a resident of that state. Now, a couple of weeks after the California case was dismissed by a judge, Postle intends to get the same result from the Nevada's case by filing another motion to dismiss.

According to the lawsuit, Postle took advantage of the fact that games were being livestreamed to see the opponent's cards; therefore, he won hands at a rate that is impossible to have in a fair game. The judge ultimately dismissed the case against Postle, the casino and the tournament director who also allegedly participated as an accomplice. Now, Postle still needs to face Cordeiro's lawsuit, which is very similar to the one filed in California.

Another situation that has made this case last longer is the constant evasion from Postle, who tried to duck being served the official civil complaints earlier this year. Postle ended up being forced by the court to accept the documents and, just as he did in the previous case in California, he is filing another motion to dismiss.

However, this time he hired an attorney instead of allowing someone to ghostwrite his motions. He is now looking for a Nevada court to dismiss the case for "lack of personal jurisdiction, or, in the alternative, based on forum non conveniens," which is basically saying that the case should be handled in California because he has no business in Nevada.