Poker pro and bitB head coach Patrick Leonard sees online poker rooms consolidating

Posted on: July 24, 2020 11:34 PDT

Online sites could pool their efforts to create larger fields with greater stakes

The current scenario for the online poker industry is a good omen of what might be coming in the future for the online poker. This is an industry that has a lot of room for growth, and bitB Staking head coach Patrick Leonard gave his opinion about how 2021 could be for consolidated online poker rooms. The poker pro spoke more than a month ago about the issues with the popular unlimited re-entry formats, and has now provided a new opinion about what else he thinks is coming to the industry.

According to a Twitter post he published on June 27; Leonard told his followers that online poker rooms will come to the point in which they realize that "they can be stronger" by sharing players in a consolidated player pool. He also took some time to insist that online multi-table tournaments (MTT) limit rebuys to one single re-entry. "Working together the sites will realise they can be stronger. Maybe they agree Robs offer from May in October. Better late than never. 2021 we will see the first-ever 'inter site' tournament. Could be wrong, but how I see it going," wrote Leonard in a tweet. "Sites will start to work together and agree on caps of [reentries] and other business strategy stuff."

Another thing Leonard sees happening for online poker players is that "there will likely be a formation of a poker union by October," speaking about a movement going on for years on behalf of poker competitors and other personalities who believe that players must organize effectively so their voices are heard by online poker operators in order to have an influence on their policies. "There will likely be a formation of a poker union by October imo and sites will be forced to change [strategies], [Giveaways], promos, rake reductions etc. will happen at 1-55 and the dream of "rising up the stakes" will be alive again. Very possible that with additional," Leonard wrote.