Poker pros turn to odd prop bets during the coronavirus lockdown

Posted on: April 16, 2020 08:43 PDT

With live poker tourneys and sports on a forced break, card players need somewhere to channel their energy

Professional poker players are lighting up the mood of the online poker landscape by bringing back the high-stakes prop betting. This news has clearly been a highpoint in the middle of this global coronavirus pandemic that has negatively impacted every almost every aspect of the society. Now that pros are having time to spare on their hands, they are bringing back a favorite activity for many, proposition betting.

This time, the proposed bets are way more creative. Former poker pro, and current daily fantasy sports guru, Pete Christensen was at the center of one of the most popular bets. According to his original tweet, he wagered $2,000 against DFS pro Jonathan Bales that Bales would not be able to finish 2,400 push-ups in a 12-hour span. The bet was accepted, and Bales needed to complete all the pushups in front of the camera while being supervised by three judges, all approved by both Bales and Christensen.

It was rumored that the bet reached higher levels, and the total bets ended up being a lot more than $2,000. It seems to be the challenge raised the interest of other personalities in the gambling world, who ended up adding side action between gamblers taking opposite sides. Even a sportsbook started offering bets for those people who couldn't find a buddy to take the other side.

Another popular bet on social media had high-stakes mixed-game specialist Melissa Burr as the protagonist. Burr, who, in 2014, finished in seventh place at the $50,000 WSOP Poker Players Championship, decided to bet on how long it would take Josh Arieh to finish a 2,000-piece puzzle and asked for someone else to set the line so she could pick one side. Burr took the over on 31.5 hours for $100 proposed by WPTDeepStacks champion Jason Young. Burr lost the bet against Young, and he ended up ordering $100 worth of pizza to be sent to his local hospital.