That time Gus Hansen won his first Poker SuperStars title

Posted on: May 04, 2020 12:35 PDT

The poker great has a long history of winning at the tables

The poker boom era at the beginning of the 2000s had a lot of interest from television channels, and “Poker SuperStars” was one great show that not a lot of poker fans remember. Gus Hansen, also known as 'The Great Dane,' is known for his playing style that, at times, costs him a fortune. Even with his loose-aggressive style, back in 2004, he was the winner of the first season of the former Poker SuperStars challenge on Fox Sports, beating some of the best poker players at the moment while amassing that title.

The televised poker show lasted for only three seasons, with the last one running in 2006. The first season in which Hansen finished as the winner granted him a $1 million prize. This unique tournament format was hosted in Las Vegas and it welcomed many of the most renowned players, competing in a unique tournament format. To advance to the next round, poker players were granted points based on their weekly performance, and extra chips were given to those who finished in the first positions during previous rounds. Hansen finished as the top performer heading into the first season Grand Finale, so he had a massive chip stack starting the final event.

Hansen is perhaps remembered by most as a fearless online poker player, although his results weren't good at all. He lost over $20 million at the defunct Full Tilt Poker, which continues to be a record nowadays. Live poker tournaments, however, have suited him better, and he has won $10.3 million in live events, including three World Poker Tour titles and a World Series of Poker bracelet.