The second Galfond Challenge is underway, with Bill Perkins the latest opponent

Posted on: April 15, 2020 12:58 PDT

The long-time poker commentator and personality has gotten off to a slight lead as the challenge begins

Just a couple of days after conquering what seemed like a near-impossible victory against his first opponent in his own challenge, Phil Galfond wants to keep his rhythm up and has just jumped to the second challenge. He is back in business since yesterday, but this time, risking a lot more cash in an even bigger challenge against a poker tournament veteran, Bill Perkins. For this second challenge, the first session moved away from Galfond's Run It Once site as he mentioned would happen when he first announced the challenge, but he did stream the match in his site's Twitter feed.

After nearly two months of the stressful session for Galfond during his first challenge, this one seems to bring a more relaxing tone. Perkins even called Galfond in the middle of the session, which made the scenario cozier. It might be a more relaxed environment, but Perkins did not come to lose. He was able to take advantage of nearly $50,000 at some point during the session to take the lead, taking advantage of a few bluffs that led Galfond to lose important pots. However, Galfond was able to recover later on and reduce that difference to nearly $6,000, as he confirmed it in his Twitter account after the first session. All fans and poker enthusiasts can connect to watch all sessions which will be live-streamed; however, the next poker session between these two personalities has not been announced yet.

This challenge comes with more hands and higher side bets. A total of 50,000 hands of pot-limit Omaha with $100/$200 stakes will be played. There will be a $1 million side bet if he losses against a $250,000 bet that he gets for winning. There is also a stop-loss option at $400,000.