The time Doyle Brunson lost $6 million during the WSOP

Posted on: June 02, 2020 09:45 PDT

Texas Dolly admits to having lost a fortune during a deep WSOP run years ago

A few weeks after sharing the conditions in which he sold his online poker site, Doyle's Room, and the offer he rejected before, retired poker legend Doyle Brunson has shared another anecdote with his fans. He said that he once lost $6 million to Chip Reese during a game in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which was his only losing year out of the 65 years he spent at poker tables. He has plenty of stories that he has lived across the years in which he played professional poker like shootings, robberies, deaths and more.

"I've had 1 losing year. 64 winning years. I had a serious operation the year I lost. I lost 6 million at the WSOP that year, courtesy of my best bud Chip Reese," wrote Brunson in a tweet. Texas Dolly has collected the highest stakes cash games and biggest tournament victories, as well as a few clashes with his fellow greats. For him, losing those $6 million has been the most outrageous of them all. Reese has been often described by Brunson as a solid contender for poker's Greatest of All-Time (GOAT).

Brunson, who has 10 WSOP gold bracelets, used the WSOP events to play against the world's best poker players in cash games at Bobby’s Room inside the Bellagio. Apparently, this is where he lost the $6 million against Reese while playing Chinese poker with huge stakes, according to Brunson.

He concluded with another event he experienced while playing poker. "My 1st year as a pro, I was playing in a pool hall on the stockyards when a man came in and shot a player. His brains seemed to splatter all over the wall. We all ran out the back door to keep from talking to cops. We had to go through a cold, cold creek," added Brunson. And, based on other stories he has to share, it seems that losing those $6 million in the past is far from being the most unusual thing for him to have had experienced.