Tom Dwan takes a huge loss after UFC 250 action goes south

Posted on: June 09, 2020 09:53 PDT

The poker pro admits to losing $1 million in the fight between Cody Garbrandt and Raphael Assuncao

Poker pro player Tom Dwan is used to large bets that see great success when playing at poker tables, although his recent bet on a UFC side did not have the same result. Dwan said on Twitter, almost like bragging about it, that he bet $1 million on the Cody Garbrandt vs Raphael Assuncao UFC 250 fight, and lost. His luck changed amid the fight in which he put money for the underdog fighter, who received a right uppercut-cum-hook to end the fight right before the second round ended.

"I was on the other side... but that was still pretty sick by Garbrandt," said Dwan in another post. Another poker pro, Ludovic Geilich, offered a humorous side of what happened to Dwan, "So you've stuck 1 million HKD on the underdog?" but that would have been only a $129,000 bet. Of course, several of his followers claimed that he was bluffing and that it was really that much if he sells most of the bet.

Also, someone finally remembered past events regarding the match between Dwan and Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, described as the biggest scam in poker history by Doug Polk. "[It] looks like Tommy boy had a spare milly to wager but not pay you. Can you tell me how that makes you feel?" said a user in a reply to his post. That is an event that took place over a decade ago in a time where Dwan was known for placing crazy bets on poker pro legends, such as the $1 million 'vegetarian for year' prop bet against Phil Ivey.