How to respond to the losing poker sessions

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: April 18, 2023 07:25 PDT

There are going to be days that you lose money as a poker player, it's inevitable. No one wins forever, except maybe Seidel, so learning how to deal with losing sessions is an important part of the mental strength necessary to longtime survival.

Recently, PokerOrg posted a video that touches on those losing session feelings. It's never good, but there are some ways to handle the losses that are better than others.

There is, as seen, the scrimping response. It's probably unhealthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally, but it keeps your bankroll afloat. It's a time-honored tradition for those coming up the ranks to pinch pennies where they can. Nutrition is rarely at the forefront of these players' minds. The bankroll is all that matters. That is, for as long as you can stand the uncooked pasta.

Alternatively, you can go the complete opposite route and eat away those post-loss blues. Again, probably terrible for longterm health, but sometimes you can't help but reach for the junk after a particularly rough session. In a recent cash game, this writer suffered a bad beat for all the chips. The details aren't important, but the loss served as a painful reminder of the math, that 98% with one card to come doesn't always hold up. And the response? Half a pint of Ben & Jerry's straight to the gut.

And, finally, there's the health conscious, mindset titan approach. It's undoubtedly the most stable response, but requires a certain level of discipline, the kind that goes a step beyond just avoiding the pitfalls of an unhealthy diet. PokerOrg put together a roadmap on how to sustain a healthy poker lifestyle. The bullet points are simple: drink more water, eat balanced meals, snack healthier, and get some exercise. It's the implementation that's the hard part.