Take control of your bankroll with MuchBetter’s lightning-fast and secure e-wallet

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Posted on: May 10, 2023 24:00 PDT

Globalization and digitalization have simplified the world in a lot of practical ways, but moving money around remains a tricky proposition at times. It’s one of the few things that has arguably gotten more complicated, in fact, especially when it comes to regulated industries like gambling.

The growing level of access to global vendors and the addition of cryptocurrency to the mix of available options have exposed an array of shortcomings within the existing structure, creating space for a whole new system of payment solutions that work seamlessly across the modern financial spectrum.

Enter digital wallets.

Digital wallets are exactly what they say on the tin, an electronic tool that helps you store and manage your money. A large percentage of (particularly) young internet users own at least one digital wallet, and it’s easy to foresee a time in the not-too-distant future when their popularity rivals that of their physical counterparts.

If you’re a poker player who’s never had an e-wallet before – or if you’re still stuck using a legacy wallet like PayPal – you should consider giving MuchBetter a try. It might be the last wallet you ever need.

What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is an award-winning payment provider that facilitates secure, seamless transactions across a vast range of international banks and merchants, including poker sites. Its commercial model was developed specifically for the compliance-driven gaming industry, which demands a bulletproof solution from end to end.

Striking a balance between compliance and authentication, MuchBetter processes transactions super-quickly without compromising on things like fraud and identity protection. It removes much of the friction from the payment process, including in young gambling markets where approval rates for traditional providers can be spotty.

The team at MuchBetter rewrote the rulebook for fees too, developing industry-specific pricing that is fair to merchants and account holders. The result is a powerful and cost-efficient connection to a wide range of global and localized payment services.

MuchBetter for poker players

The security and flexibility of MuchBetter makes it an ideal solution for people who frequently need to access foreign currency or move money between the physical and digital realms.

Like poker players.

Digital wallets are essential to playing poker in the modern day, both in the brick-and-mortar setting and online. It’s entirely impractical to travel the tournament circuit without a source of electronic funds at your disposal, and online poker is literally impossible without the ability to move money digitally.

But MuchBetter is more than just a payment provider; it’s become a real partner to the poker community over the years too, including a long-standing collaboration with streamer and PokerStars Team Online member Felix “xflixx” Schneiders. In 2019, they tapped into the broader Twitch community to host a social online poker competition that ultimately sent four players to EPT Barcelona for free.

Felix Schneiders, PokerStars and MuchBetter ambassador

The most valuable thing MuchBetter provides to poker, however, is a safer and easier way to move money. Players enjoy access to more flexible deposit and withdrawal methods, endure fewer rejected transactions, and pay smaller fees across the board. 

How handy would it be to use your PokerStars balance to cover meals on your next tournament trip? What if you could move your bankroll from a global poker site to a localized dot-country site without even thinking about it? Or top-up your digital account with the rest of your local currency before you travel home?

Free peer-to-peer payments for poker players

MuchBetter also enables you to make fee-free P2P payments to anyone else with a MuchBetter wallet. All you need is the app and their phone number to send money across instantly. If they don’t have a MuchBetter wallet they’ll get an SMS link to the app for a quick download. 

It’s the simple way to split bills or transfer money across to a friend. Want to buy a piece of someone in a hurry with a tournament about to start? You can transfer the money across as quickly as you can verbally agree the deal, and it makes it much easier to keep track of your finances as the transaction is time-stamped and your balance is updated straight away. 

You can also make requests the same way – just input the phone number in your MuchBetter app and your friend will get a notification with a note about what the request is for. 

These are the sorts of things MuchBetter excels at, and it's these types of solutions that are pushing it to the top of the list of preferred payment apps for poker players.

It couldn’t be any easier to get started, either. 

To register an account with MuchBetter you just need your mobile number, your address, date of birth, an official form of photo ID and a few minutes to get yourself up and running, and taking control of your bankroll. Watch the short video below to take control of your bankroll.

PokerOrg’s Bankroll section is brought to you in association with MuchBetter, the award-winning e-wallet that lets you store, send, and move money quickly and easily.