Three Tips To Up Your Aggression in Jackpot SNGs

Posted on: April 23, 2020 08:45 PDT

Although most poker players now understand the need for increased aggression at the tables, Jackpot Sit & Gos (or SNGs) are a whole different animals, requiring twice the regular amount of aggression, if not more. But how do you do it? And when’s a good time to apply it? Let’s take a look at three good ways to increase your aggression in Jackpot Poker.

1. Bet more rivers

This is especially true when the flop and turn have been checked around. Because while many players fear getting hero-called and having to show their 6-high bluff, betting your non-showdown hands at a fairly high frequency is an absolute must in a fast-paced, low-opponent game. So the next time your opponent checks their option twice, practice shutting your eyes tightly and clicking the bet button to avoid unnecessarily losing a pot to better air.

2. Checkraise more air

Got a flush-draw? Checkraise. Got 2 overs and a gutshot? Checkraise. Got a backdoor flushdraw with an over on a paired board (aka 69s on 8s4x4x)? Checkraise. Not only do many inexperienced players continuation bet too frequently without an understanding of how to deal with counter-aggression, but most also fail to recognize just how difficult it is to make an actual value hand and how lightly they therefore have to call. So the next time you go to click the call button with an unmade hand, try raising it up instead and marvel at how often it succeeds.

3. Fire the river bluff as well

I know how scary it can be to continue a bluff when the “obvious” card or draw comes in, but trust me when I tell you that if it’s a scary card to you as the aggressor, it’s just as scary to your opponent, if not more so. Not only does the value of every hand that isn’t the “obvious” one immediately go down in their mind, but many players at the low-stake games will lead out with these types of nutted hands when they actually make them, fearing that you’ll check back behind them and fail to give them any value. So the next time you’re one-street deep into a bluff and the worst scare-card in the deck falls on the river, hold yourself tight and squeeze that trigger-finger anyways, because more often than not you’ll find that the chips will be sliding your way regardless.

That’s all for today, stay safe out there and, as always, remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Yaniv Son is a former poker-professional turned poker coach and author at