2022 WSOP sees an explosion in staking options

Jon Pill
Posted on: May 17, 2022 07:28 PDT

The 2022 WSOP has created a huge range of opportunities to invest in your favorite players. Or to take a punt on a relative unknown.

There are plenty of options for staking platforms all of which have a ton of player's advertising their staking packages.

Despite the untimely passing of the PokerShares brand last year, there are still StakeKings and YouStake as stand-alone platforms where players can offer action and punters can buy it. And the options multiply when you look for staking platforms that are integrated with other brands. Some poker sites — like ACR and GGPoker —have their own staking markets as does the PocketFives forum.

The use of platforms provides the poker community with a useful escrow that reduces the risk of having to go around to folk's houses with a kneecapping bat. The recent court case against Maurice Hawkins illustrated how troublesome private staking arrangements can be.

This year, the mark-up police seem less interested in their usual annual discourse. In their absence, this is your reminder that punters would do well to consider carefully if a player's ROI is really as high as advertised. Caveat emptor, pal.

Window shopping

Naturally, brands are anxious to get big names to sell their action on their site. So if you're looking to buy a piece of Daniel Negreanu's WSOP you'll need to go to PocketFives, as per Negreanu's tweet:

"Another reminder to get your @PocketFives account ready as my WSOP Staking Package goes live at 5 pm PT today! No Markup, $19 minimum, $475 Max. This gets you a piece of my overall results from all events, including 2nd & 3rd bullets. You can track my progress daily in the Vlogs."

StakeKings has action from Maria Konnikova, Allen Kessler, and K.L. Cleeton.

"New WSOP packages from [Cleeton] are up in the StakeKings marketplace," tweeted StakeKings. "Low Stakes, Mid Stakes & the WSOP Main Event!! Don't wait, grab your piece below! Good luck to K.L. & all http://StakeKings.com backers this summer!"

You can get a piece of Cleeton's action on their site.

Even PokerGO is getting in on the action by promoting Jeff Platt and Buffalo Hanks' 25k Fantasy League. That's available through the PocketFives market too.

"No gamble, no future this summer!" tweeted PokerGO. "Join @jeffplatt and @BuffaloHanks in their quest to win the high-stakes @25kfantasy league. Shares available through @PocketFives Staking."

There's no shortage of opportunities to get in on the action if you're not able to make the 2022 WSOP in person. And plenty of opportunities to hedge your own action by buying up some other players if you are headed to Vegas this summer.

Featured image: Flickr by Aaron Jacobs used under CC License.