$300,000 Super High Roller Bowl underway, Negreanu busts early

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 28, 2021 12:33 PDT

The $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl event is underway, with Day 1 finishing yesterday and Day 2 kicking off today.

The tournament attracted 21-entrants, making the prize pool up to an impressive $6,300,000. There is $3,402,000 up top for first place, and all three players who cash will earn over $1 million.

The SHRB already made its first comeback this year with the SHRB Europe held at the Merit Hotel, Casino, and Spa in Cyprus. In that edition, the series ran for over a week and sported nine tournaments ranging in price from $25,000 to $250,000.

This single $300,000 event makes up the entirety of the 2021 SHRB VI series schedule. It will run for three days. The shorter schedule makes up for its brevity with its sheer scale. With a $300,000 buy-in, this event is set to dwarf anything even the WSOP is putting on this year.

With nothing but big names on the attendance list, even the busto players read like a Who's Who of high stakes poker. Adrian Mateos, Stephen Chidwick, Jason Koon, Cary Katz, and Nick Petrangelo were all among the Day 1 casualties.

In fact, the very first person to hit the rail was Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu's $300,000 exit

Negreanu got tangled up with Michael Addamo early in the game.

With 254,000 left from his starting stack of 300,000 Negreanu raised to 2,500 with A❤️K♦️ on the button. Addamo, in the big blind, looked down at 8♠6♣ and decided to take a punt.

The punt paid off big time for Addamo as the flop came down 5♣7♦️9❤️ giving him a flopped straight. Negreanu checked, and Addamo did the same.

The A♠ improved Negreanu's hand, and Addamo's odds of getting paid off. Negreanu bet 3,500 and Addamo raised with an overbet to 36,000. Negreanu called.

The river was the 5❤️, pairing the board, but otherwise changing very little.

Addamo shoved. His stack covered Negreanu's remaining 215,000 in chips. Negreanu went into the tank, burning through most of his time extensions before he finally announced the fatal call. It sent him to the rail.

Meanwhile, Addamo is still in and near the front of the pack and definitely in the running.

Negreanu tweeted that the hand was "really interesting" with "some weird shenanigans here from a theory perspective."

Still in the game at the end of Day 1 were players like Jake Schindler, Bryn Kenney, Seth Davies, Justin Bonomo, Sean Winter, and Bill Klein.

Little trouble, big stakes

Day 2 saw the blinds start at 3,000/6,000 with a 6,000 big blind ante.

The other big story of the day was poker coach Jonathan Little's first attempt at playing a super high roller event.

Little made it through Day 1. According to him, the only hands he won on Day 1 were bluffs. You have to run better than that if you want to take down an event like this.

"At 130k from 300k start in the Super High Roller Bowl," wrote Little. "The only hands I have won have been with bluffs."

Little ended up being the first out on Day 2, hitting the rail in 12th after starting the day with a relatively short stack.

He got it in with 39,000 left in his stack and the blinds at 3,000/6,000. Little's J❤️9❤️ was no good against Winter's K❤️T♣.

Both Little and Negreanu sold some of their action to fans. So, there are a few disappointed stakers out there today.

At the time of writing, there are 10 players left in play with play likely ending when the final table of seven players is reached.

We will have full coverage of the day when it wraps up.

PokerGO Super High Roller Bowl $300,000 No Limit Hold'em payouts and points

Position Payout PokerGO Tour Leaderboard Points
1st $3,402,000 600
2nd $1,890,000 400
3rd $1,008,000 400

Featured image source: PokerGO