"A trip and a half" - Caitlin Comeskey reflects on Global Poker Award win and RunGood ring

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: March 12, 2024 12:46 PDT

In case you missed it, CaitlinComeskey added a couple of big accomplishments to her resume in the last few weeks. First, in February, Comeskey attended the Global Poker Awardswith three nominations to sweat throughout the night. While it wasn't a clean sweep, Comeskey did take home the Short Form Creator of the Year award.

Then, less than a week later, Comeskey final tabled the $250 Deep Stack at the RunGood Poker Series in Tunica, Mississippi, ultimately finishing in third. She carried that momentum into the Ladies Event a few days later and refused to settle for third this time, instead claiming her first-ever live tournament win.

PokerOrg reached out to Comeskey for a chat about her Global Poker Awards experience, the RunGood run-good, and what's next for poker's comedic queen.

The Global Poker Awards served up all the glitz and glamour that the poker world could muster - what was that night like for you?

CaitlinComeskey: I got to go last year, so I had a little experience there - I knew what kind of event it was. It's always nice to dress up and get ready with all my girlfriends. Apparently, they asked me before the show to do an interview, but I don't really check my email that often, so I didn't catch it.

So, they asked me sort of last minute to do a little interview and I had prepared nothing, just sort of winged it, tried to make the crowd laugh and get them on my side. Luckily, that went in my favor and I just silly-goosed it up.

Then I ended up winning an award after the interview and, yeah, that was a trip and a half, so fun. Who doesn't want to be recognized by their peers?

How much does that recognition mean to you?

CC: It's super special to be recognized by your colleagues, the way they do these awards. I'm still an unsponsored player, I just do contract media work here and there. For me, the GPAs are an opportunity to get in front of all these people in the industry that have the power to hire me and continue to help me move my media career forward. I saw it as an audition, an opportunity for future work - a way to get my name out there and keep moving forward.

Caitlin Comeskey Spenser Sembrat

And then you followed that up with the win in Tunica - tell us about that experience!

CC: I drove out the ten hours to Mississippi, it was my first time at that stop, and just had a really great time. I bagged big in the Deep Stack the second day I was there and got the podium finish the next day. And then the next day I took down the Ladies Event. By then, I was kind of out of steam.

But that's what's so fun about these tournament trips. You're playing twelve, fourteen hours of poker a day - ideally, if you do well - for days and days in a row. They definitely wipe me out, but they're super fun and it's where I'm making my money right now, so I definitely lock in.

Those RunGood events are so well run and full of fun.

CC: 100%, that's the brand. I've been a RunGood Ambassador for a little over a year now and I've just loved every minute of it, the brand is really fun. I just love going on these stops where poker is still fun. It's nice to still have access to that type of poker.

It's great to go to the World Series or a Wynn WPT series, but you know that at a certain point it's going to be a lot more serious. You know, like hoodies and headphones - which is cool - but with RunGood, poker is definitely still a gas and I love being a part of that.

Caitlin Comeskey Cover Caitlin Comeskey Cover

And that win in the Ladies Event was your first trophy, right?

CC: It was a ring, but yes, it was my first outright tournament win. It's not my biggest cash, it was a smaller side event. It was a $300 Ladies Event that ended up with about $5,000 up top - which, don't get me wrong, is pretty nice. That's one of the bigger Ladies Event I've been a part of. It was getting the monkey off my back in terms of having never had a first spot before, getting the winner's photo, and the ring, the accolade of beating the full field.

Hopefully, it's a springboard for me to winning a bracelet. I've been doing a lot of manifestation work about getting a bracelet this summer - putting in the work in terms of buttoning up my MTT Hold'em game. And I plan to play the deuce-seven single draw events.

Forget Becker vs. Tice, it's time for the Summer of Caitlin.

CC: I'm going to beat them both, I'm going to bury them. That's the plan.

We have to mention the upcoming WPT Voyage - you're setting sail, right?

CC: I'm going on the voyage! This promises to be a poker spring break unlike any other - it's the first time they've taken over the full ship. All the people I'm close with in poker are going: my Solve For Why family, Nikki Limo, all the WPT ambassadors - Andrew Neeme, Lynn Gilmartin, Tony Dunst, Matt Savage.

There's going to be a golf event, a tennis event, a pajama-party-meet-up-game-extravaganza. It's unreal to me that I get to go and have this spring break on top of having the opportunity to participate in the $1.5 million in guarantees - there's going to be a Prime and a $5k. A very special field with a lot of qualifiers that have won their stay online. It should be an absolute gas and I'm so excited.

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