ACR Team Pros support charity with 12 deeds of Christmas

Jon Pill
Posted on: December 20, 2021 14:27 PST

Americas Cardroom and its team of sponsored pros are looking to raise funds for charity this Christmas.

Between December 15 until Boxing Day (December 26), one ACR Team Pro per day will be revealing a charitable effort they have undertaken. The 12 Days of Christmas usually begins on Dec 25 and by tradition includes a "13th day" on January 6. We can forgive ACR for fudging the dates a little when it is for a good cause.

Jon van Fleet kicked things off with a donation of sheets, towels, clothes, and cash to Portland Homeless Family Solutions. In his announcement, he also committed to making a similar donation every month until at least next Christmas. A promising start to the 12 Deeds.

The following day, John Kelly paid for a local Vegas family's Christmas.

Then Chris Moorman donated toys and blankets to his local dog shelter. Posting a cozy video of him and his donations, Moorman also showed off his adorable pair of peppers. He captioned the post with "It’s day 3 of the @ACR_POKER 12 Deeds of Christmas and as a dog dad to two pups I wanted to make sure the animals weren’t forgotten about. It’s day 3 of the @ACR_POKER 12 Deeds of Christmas and as a dog dad to two pups I wanted to make sure the animals weren’t forgotten about."

Jon Pardy also went with a dog-based charity. Unable to volunteer due to COVID restrictions, he also donated a "goodie bag" to his local shelter.

Ryan DePaul donated toys to children and Rob Kuhn's gave away a subscription to Elite Poker Coaching to a single lucky poker player. With six days to go, there's plenty more good to go.

A ticket into a tourney

It's not only good causes that ACR is donating to. They also have something in their sack for us poker playing reprobates. Each of the Team Pros are announcing their deed by tweet. Folks who retweet the announcement and tag a poker friend are entered into a draw for one of five $22 ACR tourney tickets for each announcement tweet.

This charitable effort follows Jon Pardy and Drew Gonzalez's efforts during the WSOP when they both worked for All American Dave, delivering meals to poker players. The two ACR Team Pros then donated their delivery man salaries and tips to Caridad Cares, along with a matched donation from their own pockets.

The giving doesn't stop with the ACR Team Pros, Melanie Moser, head of ACR Sponsorship got into the spirit of things too donating 50 gifts to her local Children's Hospital.

"No ticket give away here but I thought I’d also jump on the @ACR_POKER 12 Deeds of Christmas promo," Moser wrote. "Housemates also chipped in so we got a good 50 presents for the local children’s hospital here in London, UK."

The goodwill is spreading and it is not too late for the rest of us to get in on the giving.

Featured image source: Flickr by Nick Amoscato, used under CC license.