All American Dave's will not be available at 2022 WSOP

Jon Pill
Posted on: March 05, 2022 16:22 PST

Bad news for healthy eaters at this year's WSOP, All American Dave's — a catering fixture at the WSOP for the last decade — won't be available on site or for delivery at the 2022 World Series of Poker. Players will still be able to pick meals up from AAD's offsite food truck, but the days of signing up for the meal plan and having it brought right to the poker table appear to be done.

At least for now.

According to David Swanson who owns and runs AAD, the issue appears to stem from the union rules for casinos on the strip. The Rio being off-strip, was subject to different pressures.

"I attempted to reach Jack Effel," Swanson explained. "But after no response, I felt like something could be up.

"Finally, I spoke to the executives that I’ve worked with at the Rio for information. As I feared, there was an issue with the union on the strip. We would not be allowed to set up on the property or bring meals in [...]. There was no talk of a partnership deal nor have I been able to speak to anyone directly yet — which is what I hope to be able to do, just to plead my case and see if there’s some way to make it happen.

"I always knew the deal I had at Rio was special and that I was blessed to be able to be there. But it was a mutually beneficial partnership," he adds.

This change of rules will most likely have a similar impact on other food trucks and delivery options at the WSOP's new digs.

Not the end for All American Dave's

That said, fans of Swanson's cooking and lifestyle philosophy can still pick up meals from the truck. The All American Dave's food truck is also only one part of Swanson's business.

"The meals were always a part of my coaching/training program, built with the intention of helping clients reach their fitness goals," Swanson explains. "Eat Better, a.k.a. the food truck, is what most people know about my concept. However, the Train Better and Be Better parts are what I’m most passionate about.

"If I’m not allowed on the property — which is how it stands now — people can still pick up meals from my food truck. Plus, I’ll be able to get back to coaching small group fitness classes, one on one fitness coaching, and teaching/guiding adventures around Las Vegas."

The poker community has been largely supportive of Swanson since the news broke.

For some players, AAD was a way to eat well while working through the insalubrious months of the WSOP grind. Very few will be happy to see that option stripped away to be replaced with on-site restaurants and takeaways.

"The poker community’s response to the news has been incredible!" Swanson told me. "I’m so thankful to have had such an amazing opportunity to serve this community over the past decade and forever grateful for the support I’ve received.

"It has been an honor and a privilege to be associated with the WSOP for so long and we will adapt and fight to stay a part of it with all we have."

Featured image source: Twitter