Can Houston's Prime Social Summer Series Main Event hit a $2 million prize pool?

Can Houston's Prime Social Summer Series Main Event hit a $2 million prize pool?
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: June 04, 2021 07:36 PDT

$1,100 Main Event could go well past the $1 million guarantee at Prime Social poker club

The latest chapter in the booming Houston live poker scene has played out as a massive success so far. The Prime Social Summer Series started with a kickoff event that smashed the $200,000 guarantee, with the $360 buy-in tournament reaching the $354,590 mark in prize money.

That tournament, which ran May 20-23, set the tone for the remainder of the two-week series. All guaranteed prize money events have exceeded the advertised prize money so far.

Houston’s Prime Social poker club could pack the room to capacity this weekend for the final two flights of the series Main Event. The $1,100 buy-in tournament continues today with Day 1C, with Day 1D rounding out the opening flights on Saturday.

Days 1A and 1B combined produced $542,000 in prize pool money. That puts the tournament more than halfway to the $1 million guarantee.

The Friday and Saturday flights are expected to generate the biggest attendance of the Main Event Day 1 phases:

“We will likely reach capacity today for the $1 million main,” tweeted Prime Social Tournament Director Justin Hammer. “Get there early to lock up one of the remaining seats. $542,000 prize pool so far with 2 flights to go. Last day for satellites at 5p and 9p, and Omaha sweats for $130 starting at 7p. Busy day today @PrimeSocialTX!”

Hold’em Media founder Dan Ross, who’s on hand for live coverage of the event, told that the club’s capacity restrictions might be the only obstacle in the way of a $2 million prize pool for the Prime Social Summer Series Main Event.

Prime Social has 31 tables available for the Main Event, which Ross estimates can accommodate a maximum of 600 players per flight. Saturday’s Day 1D flight will likely see the club’s capacity pushed to the max.

The Main Event would need 1,458 entries from Day 1C and Day 1D combined to reach the $2 million mark. Ross told that player interest in Houston could definitely hit that number, but that the space limitations of the poker club could prevent the Main Event from clearing the $2 million prize pool mark.

Dealers get in on the Main Event action

Prime Social ran a special promotion to give its dealers a chance to cash in on a piece of the Main Event prize pool.

The poker club elected a pair of dealers as the “Dealers of the Series,” and put up the entry fee for both to play in the Main Event. Each dealer keeps half of any prize money earned in the Main Event, with the other half going into the dealer tip pool.

The first of the two dealers cashed for $2,000 on Day 1A, adding $1,000 to the shared dealer tip pool. The other dealer will play in one of the two remaining Day 1 flights.

A deep run in the Main Event from the remaining Dealer of the Series could produce one of the best stories of the year in the poker world. The prizes at the top of the payout ladder will hit six-figure territory in the Main Event, and it’s amazing to contemplate half of such a payday going towards dealer tips.

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