Chris Brewer stays resilient, maneuvers to WSOP $250k Super High Roller bracelet

Mo Afdhal
Posted on: June 19, 2023 09:12 PDT

Chris Brewer was due for a big win. It's hard to say that anyone in poker is due for anything, let alone a win in one of the most prestigious events of the year, but if you pay any attention to the high roller scene, you know that Brewer's run over the last couple years has been sensationally cold.

There have been wins throughout that time, sure, but the losses hit harder and Brewer's been on the receiving end of some haymakers that would down even the most mentally sound players. Still, this year has been a good one, so far, for Brewer. Two high roller victories at EPT Paris, plus a victory at Triton Cyprus. Maybe now all the bubbles and beats would go the other way, maybe now it was time to sun run.

And then, just two weeks ago, Brewer had to endure another one, along with Doug Polk's enthusiastic celebration of a rivered two-outer in their final four clash during the $25k Heads Up Championship. If Brewer's hand holds in that spot..well, who knows? That's the kind of question that could haunt even the greatest players.

Patience pays off

Yesterday, Brewer was at the final table of the World Series of Poker $250k Super High Roller. Surrounded by some of the best, and loudest, poker talent in the world, Brewer came into the nine-handed table as a middling stack. The highlights from the final table are now available on PokerGO's YouTube.

Orbit after orbit of unplayable hands saw Brewer's stack dwindle, down to as low as seven big blinds at one point. The pay jumps were sizable, however, and Brewer was patient, waiting for others to bust before making his move.

There were key moments on the way to the victory, including a masterful three-bet, fold off of just fifteen big blinds with pocket jacks; a spot that most players exit the tournament in. Brewer's patience led him all the way to a three-handed battle, up against Artur Martirosyan and the much-discussed Martin Kabrhel.

Three-handed play started with Brewer holding the shortest of the chip stacks. He chipped up quickly to overtake Kabrhel, who later hit the showers in a blind versus blind confrontation against Martirosyan.

Suddenly, Brewer is heads-up for the bracelet, but again at a sizable chip disadvantage. A few big hands early on brought the chips stacks to around even. Then, his small pair versus Martirosyan's overs, a coin-flip, kryptonite for Brewer in recent years, gave him the chip lead. The final hand saw Brewer get the chips in behind, but, for once, it was his turn to win one that he probably shouldn't have. It's a poetic ending for Brewer after all the beats he's taken in big spots.

"I've had so many tough feels really good."

If there was any doubt that the win meant everything to Brewer, his post-match interview with PokerGO's Natalie Bode should clear that right up.

Congratulations to Chris Brewer, it was a treat to watch him finally win one of these massive super high rollers.

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