Daniel Negreanu's WSOP plan is all about volume

Jon Pill
Posted on: February 27, 2022 17:20 PST

Where most people see the WSOP as a chance to play soft fields and turn a chunky profit with a chance at bracelet glory on the side, Daniel Negreanu's eyes seem to be completely on the bracelets. To that end, he's put together and published his plans for the 2022 World Series of Poker.

After congratulating the WSOP team on the quality of the 2022 WSOP schedule, Negreanu went on to post his plans to Twitter in iPhone notepad format.

"Hats off to @JackEffel and the crew for creating the puzzle that is the WSOP schedule," wrote Negreanu. "And doing so with all types of players in mind, from low rollers to hi rollers, mixed game guys and big bet gals, with a splash of events for the online grinders. Great job!"

Of the 88 live events on Effel and Co's schedule, Negreanu's list names 49. However, many of these are backup events. Should he bust early, these backup events are on hand to give him something to do with his time.

The bracelet hunt

As you might expect for one of the best in the game, Negreanu's focus is on higher buy-in and non-hold'em events. It has been a long time since Negreanu's fifth and sixth bracelet (both in 2013). Longer still since he won a bracelet in Vegas (not since 2008).

He's clearly anxious to break that streak.

While a focus on high buy-in and non-hold'em events means he will be playing smaller fields and more events, those fields also tend to be much tougher. After spending nearly a year fine-tuning his grasp of NLH theory against Doug Polk, he's probably looking forward to testing his edge against his regular competition at the top of the game.

The ROI may be lower in these events, but Negreanu isn't worried about stretching his dollar. Smaller fields mean a better shot at the gold.

The 49 events listed represent an initial outlay of about $930k in buy-ins. That could go almost as high as $1.7 million with rebuys.

Negreanu tweeted his schedule with the caption, "Here is what my personal WSOP schedule looks like."

Much of that outlay comes from the High Roller events which this year top out with a $250k SHR, two $100k NLH events, four $50k events, and three $25ks including the Heads Up Championship. Negreanu also has all 15 of the $10k buy-in events on his list. The rest of the list is largely made up of smaller buy-in mixed and non-NLH games.

Though if things go well and he runs deep, Negreanu's winnings rise and outlays fall as he'll need to buy into fewer of his backup events.

Negreanu has also confirmed he will be doing the usual vlog post throughout the series. These have become a staple of WSOP coverage since he first started covering his WSOP attendance on Youtube.

Featured image source: PokerGO