Dwan, Negreanu, and Tony G featured in Triton's £1m buy-in tourney stream

Jon Pill
Posted on: September 24, 2021 16:16 PDT

Triton Poker is finally releasing the coverage of its enormous £1,000,000 buy-in Triton Million - A Helping Hand from 2019. Triton Poker set up the 2019 Triton Million for Charity as a charity fundraiser.

The tournament attracted 54 players each of who ponied up a cool million for the pot. That's a UK million, in pounds sterling (roughly $1.4 million at the current exchange rate, and a little less at the time).

On top of the £1 million buy-in, players also paid a £50,000 rake to a charity pot. The £2.7 million raised by this rake was then split between 15 worthy causes.

Hosted at the Park Lane Hilton in London, the tournament smashed several records.

Not only does the Triton Million's buy-in make it the most expensive poker tournament in history, it also made for one of the biggest prize pools in history. At the time, the pound was a little stronger against the dollar than it is today.

At those rates, the £54 million prize pool was equivalent to $65.7 million. That is the 5th biggest poker tournament prize pool of all time, nestled in between the 2017 WSOP Main Event and the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

It's also the biggest poker prize pool for any tournament that wasn't a WSOP Main Event. The next biggest was the 2012 WSOP Big One for One Drop.

The top 11 players were paid in an extremely shallow payout structure that put £19 million up top and £1.1 million as the minimum cash for 11th.

In the end, a heads-up deal actually resulted in second place taking down the biggest share with £16,775,820 (~$20.6 million at the time). First place only won £13,779,491 (~$16.8 million at the time).

Form of the funtion

The tournament had a number of unique features including a dress code — no coverings above the neck, suits at the final table. Most notably was the invitational structure. The field was made up of businessmen and poker pros, with the former buying in and then nominating a pro they would like to play against.

As a result, the field was made up of half amateurs and half sharks.

Among the pros who coughed up this astonishing buy-in were high rollers like Tom Dwan, Jason Koon, and Justin Bonomo. Among the businessmen were Paul Phua, Rob Yong, and Bobby Baldwin. Among the people who would probably fit squarely into both categories was Antanas "Tony G" Guoga.

The field was segregated for Day 1, with amateurs playing amateurs and pros playing pros. On Day 2, the fields combined.

The first two episodes are out now with two more to follow at 8 p.m. PDT on September 30. Two more episodes drop each week until the full season of 10 episodes is out. Daniel Negreanu and Ali Nejad took the commentary booth for Episode 1.

The tourney completed almost two years ago, so stay off the Hendon Mob if you want to avoid spoilers.

Triton Million - A Helping Hand viewing schedule

Air Date (8 p.m. PDT) Episode
September 23, 2021 Episode 1 & 2
September 30, 2021 Episode 3 & 4
October 7, 2021 Episode 5 & 6
October 14, 2021 Episode 7 & 8
October 21, 2021 Episode 9 & 10

Featured image source: Youtube by Triton