Garrett Adelstein runs over Hustler Casino Live cash game

Jon Pill
Posted on: March 21, 2022 16:38 PDT

Garrett Adelstein is the resident shark on Hustler Casino Live. During the Friday night $100/$200 game (with a $200 big blind ante), Adelstein brought his usual level of play to a run of cards that almost ended the stream early.

Over the course of the five hour stream, Adelstein was the only significant winner while player after player either rebought or hit the rail.

The table started with Adelstein, "Wesley", "Tiger", "Boris", "David", and Paulina "Poker Bunny" Loeliger.

The action at the table really kicked off with the first $100k+ pot between Tiger and Adelstein.

The first big hand

Good luck and good play had Adelstein's $150k buy-in up to just shy of $200k when he picked up pocket fours on the button.

Tiger bet $700 with Q♣Q♠ and Adelstein called.

Boris, in the big blind, looked down at T♠3♦️ and chucked in a $500 chip. As he did so, Boris announced, "I'm just giving it away." It wasn't Boris who would be doing the donating though.

The flop came 4♠2♠6♣. Boris checked his inside straight draw, and Tiger led out with a $1,000 bet that Adelstein and Boris both called.

With $5,400 in the pot, the turn was the 9❤️. Boris checked back.

Tiger bet out again, this time $2,900. Adelstein responded by raising to $12,000 and Boris threw his hand away. Tiger pondered his situation with an overpair and $57k behind. After a pause, Tiger called Adelstein's bet. The pot stood at $29,400.

The river was the 2❤️, boosting Tiger's sense of security. Adelstein half stood up to assess Tiger's stack size, before announcing all in.

Tiger had a decision to make for his remaining $48,000. With just an overpair he took his time sussing out if he was looking at a bluff, an overplayed two pair, or a house. Eventually, Tiger tossed a single green chip into the middle to signal his call and Adelstein flipped over his hand: 4♣4❤️ for a full house.

The dealer pushed the $125,400 pot to Adelstein. This was only the beginning.

Fun in the sun

Adelstein continued to run over the table. He took another $30k pot off of Boris, a $67k pot off of Wesley, and and two huge pots off of Ben (one for $136k, the other for 114k).

Not only was he clearly the best player at the table, the cards also just kept falling his way.

There was a pause in Adelstein's rampage when Poker Bunny left the table. A misplayed hand had her slip away fro the table to get some air and shake off the tilt. As Adelstein had already sent one player to the rail, the game was four-handed and at risk of breaking for the night.

Instead, the stream took a short breather of its own and when it came back, Ryan Feldman joined the table, saving the stream.

After a few more hours of play, it was time to tally up the chip stacks. Adelstein had $451,800 in front of him, a profit of $301,800.

No one but Adelstein had more than a four-figure profit. Those who found themselves in the red, had taken a serious thrashing.

Poker Bunny was down $17,100. Tiger was down $37,900. Ben took a colossal $148,400 loss over the course of the five-hour stream. That made for a loss rate of about 148 big blinds/hour.

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Featured image source: Screen capture from the Hustler Casino Live stream.