Hustler Casino Live raises the stakes with $2 million cash game

Jon Pill
Posted on: April 10, 2022 15:36 PDT

Friday night is high stakes night on the Hustler Casino Live stream. The usual stakes are $100/$200 with a $200 big blind ante. Most episodes see a $400 straddle for some of the run time, this week the straddle started early. A large part of the reason for the straddle this week was the depth of the stacks, with over $2 million on the table by the end.

Most sessions there are a few timorous souls with just a couple of stacks of high society in front of them, swimming at the shallow end of the pool. In the deep end, there are normally one or two big stacks with $75,000 - $150,000 (usually Garrett Adelstein) cruising around with their shark (or whale) fins cutting the surface.

This week Double M was in for $300,000, Jacky bought into the game for $600,000, and Adelstein, wanting to have everyone covered, bought in for $655,000. Brian, an army vet was in for $20,000, but no one else in the line up had less than $50k in play during the very first hand, including the three Litt brothers — Ethan, Seth, and Trevor.

In total, there was a little under two million in play. When top-ups were counted up at the end of the session the total amount on the table was $2,052,300.

Action round-up

Brian and Trevor were the only two players who didn't make it to the end.

Trevor busted in a $96,200 pot when he got it in with queens against Han's aces. Han took his time making the call, asking for a count before putting his chips in with the stone-cold PF-nuts.

Apart from that one slow roll, the increased stakes seemed to actually calm things down. The stream is normally poker's equivalent to Real Housewives. The poker action is often jazzed up by a little needling, showboating, angle-shooting, the occasional mental breakdown, challenge to physical combat, and even accusations of cheating. It is real street poker.

This week's stream was a lot more civilized. This may have been a case of drama-variance, or down to the injection of new players, all of whom seemed to be on their best behavior.

In the final analysis, despite the enormous stacks, the swings were all (relatively) moderate.

Adelstein was up $170k, Jacky was down $197k. Between those extremes Han and Ethan won a decent amount, J.R. lost a decent amount, Trevor and Brian were out their buy-ins (20k and $50k respectively), and Double M more or less broke even (-$1,500).

You can watch the full stream on Youtube.

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Featured image source: Youtube