International Women’s Day in poker, Part 3: Women's poker groups offer special events

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Haley Hintze
Posted on: March 07, 2022 23:37 PST

There's plenty going on for poker-minded women this Tuesday, March 8, which is 2022's International Women's Day. As mentioned in our Parts 1 and 2, GGPoker (in conjunction with FLiP) and Americas Cardroom have scheduled major online events, while several other women's poker groups are also celebrating the occasion with their own festivities.

From the widely international Herzdamen group to a new UK-based group, Hearts of Queens, to the stateside LIPS (Ladies International Poker Series) tour, there's been plenty happening in recent days. The LIPS tour hosted a major event in Massachusetts on Sunday at Boston's Billiard Club Casino -- final results for the East Coast LIPS gathering have yet to be published -- while the European groups have their festivities in the coming days.

Herzdamen Twitch community game on PokerStars includes bounties

Herzdamen, the group founded by Natalie Hof Ramos and Mila Monroe in 2019, will celebrate the 2022 International Women's Day much as it did in 2021, with several events centering on a private tourney on PokerStars offering bounties on some prominent Herzdamen members. The event is open to Herzdamen's Twitch community.

According to Maureen Blöchlinger, who serves as Herzdamen's coordinator of International Calls for Live Events, the festivities begin at 7:00 pm on Tuesday with a Twitch stream, where Herzdamen Stream team member Nadine Rohde leads off with an interview of Hof Ramos and Monroe. That's followed with a fun quiz (on Kahoot) on women, all continuing as the PokerStars-based tournament moves ahead.

At 9:15 pm CET, a new video for 2022 IWD will premiere; in the meantime, here's a link to the group's 2021 video. Here's where you can find more on Herzdamen as well.

UK Hearts of Queens charity initiative launches, links to live FLiP event on March 13

Meanwhile, a new United Kingdom women's poker charity initiative, Queens of Hearts, has launched. According to founder Natalie Bromley, "Hearts of Queens ❤️️ works within the poker industry to raise money and supplies for women’s charities. The idea is that the funds/supplies raised are then donated to the city where the festival is being held. For example, an event linked with GUKPT Luton would benefit charities in Luton."

Hearts of Queens will be part of the live International Women's Day tournament being hosted by FLiP and GGPoker on March 13 as well. That event takes place in Manchester, England. Bromley shared a DM from the FLiP group detailing the types of supplies being donated, as well as the two Manchester charities, Emmeline's Pantry and the Pankhurst Trust, that will benefit from the effort:

Hearts of Queens has its new home on Facebook, where more information on the initiative can be found.

Featured image source: Facebook / Hearts of Queens