Landon Tice books first Wynn ahead of summer battle vs. Becker

Landon Tice
Mo Afdhal
Posted on: February 29, 2024 06:05 PST

LandonTice claimed the top prize yesterday in the $400 No-Limit Hold'em two-day event at the WynnMillions series, taking home $32,025 for his efforts. Tice bested the field of 512 entrants despite starting Day 2 with only twenty big blinds. The win marks his first Wynn Poker trophy and second live tournament victory.

Tice chose his moment well, making headlines in the build up to the summer's most-anticipated storyline, the crossbook bet between him and JeremyBecker. The optics of the win -- doing it on Becker's home turf, with all eyes on him -- adds fuel to the ongoing conversation surrounding the bet.

Thus far, the community has, for the most part, thrown their support behind Becker. On Tuesday's episode of the OnlyFriendsPodcastMattBerkey and crew, Tice included, agreed that the majority had sided with Becker. It's not unreasonable to think that Tice's statement victory yesterday may have some of those people re-thinking their pick.

Tice responded to PokerOrg's request for comment, saying, "It feels great to show up and play poker that I believe in. It's going to be a great summer."

He continued, adding that his summer adversary Becker "was in the mix and cashed."

Tice's winner's photo featured a subtle, but good-spirited needle at Becker's expense. The hand he chose to display, 3-5 offsuit, has been Becker's calling card in dozens of winner's photos. That, plus the yawning posture -- fake yawn or not -- shows that Tice wants to have fun with the bet and the jabs he throws at Becker.

To his credit, Becker took the needle in stride, responding to the Wynn Poker Room's post with a sign of respect.

Check back in with PokerOrg in the build up to Becker vs. Tice this summer and be sure to check out today's episode of the OnlyFriends Podcast to hear from Tice directly.