Phil Hellmuth selling action ahead of Tom Dwan match

Jon Pill
Posted on: August 12, 2021 16:56 PDT

Anyone looking to get a piece of Phil Hellmuth ahead of his match with Tom Dwan may want to move fast. Hellmuth is selling 5% of himself with no mark-up. Viewers have eleven days to buy some action for High Stakes Duel III. Almost one-fifth of the available action has sold.

He might be due for a pasting, but Hellmuth's not a huge dog even against Dwan. While Dwan might well be Hellmuth's toughest opponent yet, the structure is still fast enough to ensure a healthy luck component. And the Poker Brat has been running hot in these comps.

So far, Hellmuth has been flipping those coins with devastating efficacy. He is currently running seven for seven in these heads-up sit 'n' goes.

"Phil Hellmuth & his fans are on a 7-0 winning streak in High Stakes Duel after beating Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, and Nick Wright. Phil Hellmuth VS Tom Dwan High Stakes Duel on PokerGO ($200,000 to Winner)!" YouStake tweeted, as their marketing team tried to drum up some action for Phil.

The details of the bet

"15x WSOP Bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth uses YouStake as a tool to engage with fans through staking. When Phil wins, you win!" says the YouStake website.

The $100,000 buy-in second round of High Stakes Duel III will be against Tom Dwan. The winner will get $200,000, the loser will have the right to a double-or-nothing rematch.

Whether Hellmuth can beat Dwan remains to be seen. However, people keep betting against Hellmuth, and people keep losing.

Hellmuth's first challenger on High Stakes Duel was Antonio Esfandiari, whom he knocked about for three rounds straight.

Then it was Daniel Negreanu 's turn. Hot off the back of several months of GTO training, Negreanu was ready to take Hellmuth down. Instead, he took a 3-nil beating from Hellmuth, compounding his enormous heads-up losses. He had dumped $1.2 million to Doug Polk just a few weeks before taking on the Poker Brat.

Nick Wright, the HSD3 round one challenger dropped out after a single defeat at Hellmuth's hands. Wright's match started with a controversy over blind levels, and ended with him losing one fifty-grand brick's worth of weight .

The action on the upcoming Dwan match is pretty limited. Each staker can put up to $50 bucks on Hellmuth as stakee. The $50 maximum is to ensure a decent number of people can get themselves a piece of the action.

Hellmuth is only selling $5,000 worth of himself -- just 5%. But that stretches to a minimum of 100 lucky stakers. At the time of writing there is $4,177.23 still to sell and eleven days for Hellmuth to sell it in.

YouStake laid out the details in a tweet.

"So that fans can get engaged and have more fun enjoying the show! Phil is only selling 5% with a maximum of $50 per stake per person," the company wrote. "So only 100 people can buy a stake. It's always more fun with a little money on the line as a fan."

Featured image source: Flickr by WPT