Poker tournament coming to West Texas tomorrow

Posted on: June 17, 2020 09:25 PDT

The West Texas Poker Championship Series kicks off tomorrow and runs through June 28

Even though casinos around the country started to reopen for business over the past three weeks, poker players have had a complicated return, especially due to the lack of casinos running live poker operations. For those living in Midland, TX, though, the poker scene might be brighter since Kojack’s Poker Club has announced the West Texas Poker Championship Series. This series was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now taking place from June 18 through June 28.

This live poker series comes with eight events, including a $600 buy-in Main Event. This poker club was closed on March 18 and reopened its doors on April 30, and, since then, the poker room has been working on gradually going back to a new normality, which has allowed it now to return to the customary nine-handed play. "Our part of Texas was not hit very hard, the local player base wanted it, and nothing else going on around the world," Kojack’s founder, John Dunn, told PokerNews when asked about bringing back tournament poker. "We did remove the GTD’s and big expectations because we don’t really know what the turn out would be. Texas is very pro-business and hasn’t handed down strict guidelines."

Of course, the poker room is taking all necessary precautions to run operations. "We have CDC signs posted, check everyone’s temp upon entering, we have mask and hand sanitizer available, clean down cards and chips frequently," Dunn explained. "We have been open for over 40 days and haven’t seen any issues with staff or members. Common sense and good hygiene go a long way," added Dun.