PokerGO Tour Championship title will be awarded in $500,000 winner-take-all invitational

Jon Pill
Posted on: March 06, 2022 16:05 PST

PokerGO has announced that this year's PokerGO Tour will end with the PGT Championship. The event will be held in the PokerGO studio at the Aria where the top 21 players on the PGT Player of the Year Leaderboard will be invited to play. PokerGO are putting up a $500,000 dollar first prize as well as the title PGT Champion.

This is a winner-take-all event, so second place is just first of the losers and will take home $0 for their troubles.

“The PGT is the battleground for the most elite poker players in the world," Mori Eskandani, President of
PokerGO, said. "And it is only right that we honor the best of the best in extraordinary fashion. We are proud to award the 2022 PGT season champion with a $500,000 prize as we continue to celebrate the most talented players our game has to offer.”

The winner will also be crowned the PGT Champion. The PGT Champion title is distinct from the PGT Player of the Year title which carries its own cash prize and is based purely on the leaderboard points.

The event will start with three tables of seven players each. The event will then switch to six-max for the final table.

The PGT Championship final table will be broadcast live, as usual, on PokerGO with a possible free broadcast on Youtube.

The date for this broadcast has not yet been set.

Current leaderboard standings

Although there is still a long way to go in the 2022 PGT Tour, the current standing have Nick Petrangelo topping out the leaderboard by a decent margin.

You can see the current top 21 players on the PokerGO Tour leaderboard below:

Postion Player Name Country POY Points Wins Cashes
1st Nick Petrangelo USA 1,066 3 4
2nd Sean Perry USA 859 2 7
3rd Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Hertzegovina 840 3 8
4th Jeremy Ausmus USA 658 1 4
5th Brock Wilson USA 636 0 6
6th Daniel Negreanu Canada 576 2 5
7th Alex Foxen USA 498 1 7
8th Jake Schindler USA 485 2 7
9th Cary Katz USA 483 1 5
10th Sean Winter USA 439 0 7
11th Joseph Cheong USA 432 0 2
12th Michael Wang USA 394 1 3
13th Darren Elias USA 347 0 6
14th Jonathan Jaffe USA 344 1 1
15th Bill Klein USA 336 0 3
16th Daniel Colpoys USA 321 1 2
17th Nick Schulman USA 299 0 4
18th Jake Daniels USA 286 1 2
19th Punnat Punsri Thailand 251 2 2
20th Chris Brewer USA 210 0 3
21st Ivan Zufic Croatia 198 1 1

Featured image source: PokerGO