Record freezing temperatures wreak havoc on Houston live poker series

How to play in the Houston Prime Social Prime Signature Series
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Geoff Fisk
Posted on: February 17, 2021 07:02 PST

Prime Signature Series cancels all Tuesday tournaments

Houston’s surging live tournament poker scene hit a snag Tuesday, as a record-breaking winter storm persists across Texas.

Prime Social poker club canceled all of Tuesday’s scheduled tournaments in the ongoing Prime Signature Series . The Houston-based venue was slated to run two series events as well as a $180 satellite to the $1,100 Main Event.

Single-digit temperatures across the Lone Star State forced Prime Social to shut down completely Tuesday. Hold’em Media, on hand to cover the live event, tweeted the announcement:

“CANCELED - Both of today’s tournaments at @PrimeSocialTX due to the extreme weather conditions in Houston. The location shall be closed all day today,” Ross tweeted.

Unprecedented weather conditions plunge temperatures across the U.S.

The Prime Signature Series kicked off Feb. 11 and is scheduled to run through Feb. 28. An unusual winter weather pattern currently has a massive swath of U.S. territory experiencing record-low temperatures.

The entire state of Texas has been under a winter storm warning since the beginning of the week. The weather anomaly has caused rolling blackouts, grocery store closures, school closures, and airport shutdowns.

Prime Social ran Monday’s scheduled tournaments at limited capacity, sending all administration fees to club staff.

“We are making due with what we have,” read a tweet posted by the Prime Social Twitter account Monday. “Omaha 8 tournament has cards in the air, and we will run the NLH tournament tonight at 4pm instead of 3pm. There is no guarantee, but anyone who is around can still come play with the entire admin fee now going to the staff.”

Tournament director Justin Hammer confirmed the Hold’em Media announcement, but alluded to hope that the rest of the events on the Prime Signature Series schedule can play out as planned.

“The @PrimeSocialTX Events are going to be canceled for today (2/16). Stay warm, and get ready to come back strong as we get things back and ready to go. The show will go on...,” tweeted Hammer on Tuesday.

Single-digit temperatures were reported across Texas Monday and Tuesday. The forecast in Houston for the rest of the week projects temperatures getting back up into the 30s and 40s through Friday, and warming up considerably this weekend.

Two of the biggest tournaments on the Prime Signature Series schedule still remain to be played. Event #11: $500 NL Houston Hold’em Special offers a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool and is slated for Feb. 18-21.

The biggest tournament in the series plays out Feb. 24-28. That event comes in the form of the $1,100 No-Limit Hold’em Main Event, which guarantees $500,000.

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